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Corsair 760 Capable of Offshore Island Cruising?

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So we know we are going monohull again due to the Mrs being massively inflicted by SeaSickness or motion sickness to be realiastic, but she is fine on multi hulls.

Anyway, I thought Id like to try out a Trimamarn. I know the 760 is a trailer sailer weekend cruiser. But is it caable of things like making it out to Great Barrier Island etc?

Clearly they are quick, but if you hit  bit swell you have to chop it down or imo those pointoons are going to nose dive?

It worries me a bit.

We did consider a Tiki etc, but would rather go with newer boats until I have the money for my ultimate which will be the ultra quick Sea wind 1000xl2. I will carry a water maker but I plan to have minimal fuel and minimal water, the lighter the boat the quicker the voyage, the quicker the voyage the safer the voyage, something people dont seem to grasp when buying apartments on water.

I COULD probably buy the Seawind now, but something is drawing me to give a Corsair Tri a go. Mistake?

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The Dragonfly is great as you can keep it on a regular marina berth.

I had a 10mtr version years ago, sailed it from Stockholm to the South Coast of the UK. Nice easy trip.


Had a Corsair 28R too, a lot faster but basic for cruising.

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Some up us do keep them longer...the lack of internal space, compared to similarly priced monos, or even cats, means they aren't as useful in winter and still reasonably cramped in summer for even 2


And if they have any sort of comfort they fail as racers

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