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I have a fish pond. Dont ask why but i have.

Furthermore it developed a leak and so i had to rehouse 168 goldfish.

Part of the rehousing requirement was to oxygenate the water in the bath tub that i repossessed from the 3 sheep (again, don't ask why i have 3. Or any, for that matter).

So 15869123355633543312298567833931.jpg- i bought a little 240vairpump from the fish shop (picture of its guts is attached). It bloody fell into the water and no longer works.

Is it retrievable or junk?

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Looking at the pic of the pump, its just an electrical coil using alternating current to pull the 2 magnets attached to those rubber bellows that pump the air. So you could try drying it all out, clean up the electrical contacts and see if it works. Possibly use one of those water displacing lubricating sprays maybe Corrosion X, or possibly one of the CRC products (someone dive in and help me out here).

I'd recommend plugging it into an RCD though before you try it though, for fairly obvious reasons.

But if you just need to oxygenate the water for the fish, like KM said, any little pond pump to recirculate water and splash it back into the bath tub would do the trick. The more splashing the better, like over stones or a little waterfall or something. That will oxygenate the water just as much as an air blower pump.

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Thanks i thought as much. I have relocated pond pump & filter set up today. Probably shoulda done that to begin with.

The 168 fish probably started out as 5 a few years b4 we bought the property but it is a big pond - about 2.5 x 6.0. Its a roundabout thingy in our drive and gotta liddle bridge an all that carry on. 

Anybody know anything about pond liners? Helpful i mean..

I'm a bit dark on it because the bloody thing didnt leak until we had it cleaned. Pond cleaner chick now unresponsive.

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With that many goldfish you do need a good filtration system as the waste build up can be significant -assume there are quite a few plants to create its own little ecosystem but a good filtration with uv is probably needed to keep the pond healthy -the balance will be out  now with the pond presumably drained.

Re pond liners - should be easy to get - call Stone and Waterworld -they specialise in things like that - alternatively Hollywood Fish  in Blockhouse Bay 

Probably not a bad time to sell a few fish on trade me (once lockdown finishes) and get the population down a bit as could explode from here !

 Good luck

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