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Rig tension?

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I bought a new (to me) aluminium yacht, with mast head, single spreader, cutter rigging. The stays and shrouds all seem to me to be very tight. There’s absolutely no give at all.

I’m up in Fiji, 200km from a rigger so can’t seek advice. Thoughts? (Yes I can borrow a tensioner.)

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The only way to know tension is a gauge, load cell, or to measure stretching. 

Caps should be 15-20%. Borrow the gauge and check, OR

The stretch method;

Slack the rigging off. Make certain mast is upright.  Set rake. 3 deg aft if you have no other info. With rigging hand tight on lubed turnbuckles, measure 2m up each shroud from swage. Mark with tape. Now tighten each side progressively until 2m and 3-4mm (2003-2004mm)this will give you 15-20 % preload on 1x19mm wire.

Set pre-bend  with lowers or babystay. 1/2 fore and aft mast dia if unsure.

Intermediates tight enough to keep mast in column when sailing.

More complex if it is a discontinuous rig setup, but that's the basics.

Few hulls can tolerate more tension long term. They will banana - do all the doors open, side decks level or bowed  etc etc...


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