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Auckland Regatta 2021

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Well we had a great regatta until Sunday morning when a luff under genny put the rudders gudgeons in a state that saw us sit out the last 2 races. Still managed 3rd on line overall even with the 88's merged into C Division.

Great winds and the 3 divisions that managed fleets had exciting racing. And a huge party Saturday night with the cup on show and guys from TeamNZ making up half the band. 











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It sure was a great regatta. I was racing in the 40R div, and we had 12 W/L races over 3 days. Solid breeze on the weekend, some extremely close racing, big speeds downhill. Extremely hard work, can hardly move today!


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I did like the way they finished Saturday at Westhaven..or so it appeared. It seemed a little early though.

It just clicked what/who the blurple coloured boat was that was 2 sailing across the harbour at a speed noted by 2 patrons.

It was Burn..ing along at a pace that nearly generated Smoke of the Water, but it didn't look Made in Japan or Made in Europe. Luckily the crew weren't Perfect Strangers so managed to keep the rig Perpendicular enuff, without any help of Bananas, on their way to maybe the House of Blue Light to have a chat amongst the Slaves and Masters while around them The Battle Raged on......

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