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Auckland Regatta 2021

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I'm not that good on the history but hasn't this regatta been a key part of Auckland's racing calendar ...... Feltex Regatta, BMW then Jack Tar? Someone fill in the gaps.

Covid has definitely put some extra fleet number challenges in the mix for organisers but if ever there was an opportunity for Auckland's large race fleet to get on the water this is it..... underwritten by largest clubs,  local, relatively inexpensive to enter and compete, a format for everyone, great opportunity to go hard out with race crew or intro family and friends,  plenty of social events in great venues, weekend event for most so no time off needed for crew, largest crew pool, strong interest in sailing due to Prada/America's cup etc etc

The conversation between the various fleet (Y88, PP, sporties) chief "kitten herders" indicates that one of  the main issues is our standard Auckland sailing challenge of getting people to put their entries in early to build confidence amongst the fence sitters.

I am not sure everyone is aware that you can lodge an entry in Top Yacht and then finalise crew and payment later.

If we can build it they will come. What are the barriers and how can we remove them?...... Starters for 10....


Not enough crew??? Maybe more skippers need to take a chance to help "build the bench" and intro someone new. There are lots of options for matching crew and boat like Mysail's Auckland crew pool  and COSAR crew page . Can we get those in the AC teams who are still around and their families out for some fun

Family commitments? Bring them out. Having kids on board and getting them involved is great fun. Stop yelling and chill out with the passage races so the partner can relax with a Lion Red or champagne. Maybe each division needs a special prize to recognise the juniors

Not enough fun stuff How can we build on the excellent venues and entertainment.... best dressed crew on water and at parties, more stuff for kids

Lack of awareness/Inertia. promote via the networks, create resource of images and videos of past that can be shared via soc med.

I know some of Auckland sailing's best promoters/networkers hang out here.... What can we come up with to make this regatta different ... bigger, better, funner?


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Yeah i really like that idea - Entering without the commitment - almost an expression of interest so you can see who else will be there. As more people do that the hype builds and more people wanna be there. (Snowball effect)

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On 20/02/2021 at 9:25 PM, Deep Purple said:

I wonder if we'll have the new safety regulations by then

Been having another read, wonder how many cat 3 inspectors been keeping up with this lot:

From NZ Regs: (same in old and new probably)

1.2 These Regulations do not replace, but rather supplement the
requirements of Maritime New Zealand and the World Sailing
and ORC safety requirements for racing yachts .

From Offshore Special regs: (Current)

Mo0,1,2,3 3.02.2 Effective 1 January 2021:

Structural Inspection - Consult the owner’s manual
for any instructions for keel bolt checking and re-tightening. The following
inspection to be conducted by a qualified person externally with the boat out
of the water. Check that there are no visible stress cracks particularly around
the keel, hull/keel attachment, hull appendages and other stress points, inside
the hull, backing plates, bolting arrangements and keel floors. (See Appendix L
- Model Keel and Rudder Inspection Procedure)

MoMu1,2,3 3.29.2 d)

DSC capable VHF transceivers shall be programmed with an assigned MMSI
(unique to the boat), be connected to a GPS receiver and be capable of
making distress alert calls as well as sending and receiving a DSC position
report with another DSC equipped stationMo0,1,2,3
3.29.13 an AIS Transponder which either:
MoMu0,1,2,3 3.29.13 a) shares the masthead VHF antenna via a low loss AIS antenna splitter; or
MoMu0,1,2,3 3.29.13 b) has a dedicated AIS antenna not less than 38 cm (15”) in length mounted with
its base not less than 3 m (10’) above the Waterline and co-axial feeder cable
with not more than 40% power loss

There is lots more too, I think this is a big part of why its taking so long to sort out, our regs depart from the OSR quite a bit but then state they must also comply with them. There wouldn't be many cat 3 boats in the coastal that complied properly, they all got certs though.

In a lot of areas the OSR are easier to comply with, mainly because they make sense and are not ambiguous, some parts will be quite hard for a lot of boats.

YNZ were made fully aware of this a long time ago but obviously pretended that it didn't matter, now they know they must get it right because a lot of people are watching closely. Would be a great joke and story if it weren't about something so serious.


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Just now, KM... said:

Entry numbers have jumped up, that's good to see.

Why aren't you in with the Sportys?

We have bunks, headroom, lifelines, more ballast, shorter rig, designed to comply with trailer yacht rules, a PHRF, no trapezes, 6hp outboard, cat4 safety gear

We could race them at a pinch. Our elapsed time around the same track at bay week would have seen us at 9th out of 11 sport boats

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Well we had a great regatta until Sunday morning when a luff under genny put the rudders gudgeons in a state that saw us sit out the last 2 races. Still managed 3rd on line overall even with the 88's merged into C Division.

Great winds and the 3 divisions that managed fleets had exciting racing. And a huge party Saturday night with the cup on show and guys from TeamNZ making up half the band. 











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It sure was a great regatta. I was racing in the 40R div, and we had 12 W/L races over 3 days. Solid breeze on the weekend, some extremely close racing, big speeds downhill. Extremely hard work, can hardly move today!


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