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I am thinking of buying a generator to power electrical tools such as a Rupes BR109AES 550W sander and a 1500w wet/dry vac such as a Nilfisk  AERO 26-2L PC for use at remote sites.

I don't want one the size of a small car or even its engine, and I am struggling to find anybody who can tell me if something like a 3.5kva pure sine wave generator such as this will give me the grunt I need.  https://www.smartmarine.co.nz/product/19606/dy3500i-digital-inverter-petrol-generator-35kva-83-amp-dc

Try as I do to find the peak load of the sander I cannot - even Wyatts seem not to be able to answer. All I get is that should be OK, and tbh that word 'should' gives me the jeebies. After all - it is an exact science, isn't it?

Anybody able to answer the question??

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For anything that has an electric motor......take the watts of the appliance and times it by 3x and that figure will be a good rule of thumb. Some smaller motors won't need that, but larger high load things will. A microwave certainly will. The 1500W sander is going to need the most to start it going. 3x150=4500W.
That will give you the initial start up requirement. Then look at the Gen rating and any decent one should have an intermittent peak supply ability. If the VCleaner falls below that, it will start no problem. Some VCleaners softstart. Normally ones that have speed controll of some form. So they don't draw as much current on startup.

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