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Looking for crew starting Tauranga to sail New Zealand east coast and beyond

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We're looking for crew to join our boat for an indefinite period of time. ⛵️ Must be dog-obsessed, be okay with copious amounts of beer taking up the space of hygiene products, able to crack a *good* dad joke at least 1x/day, and able to cook up more than ramen noodles. 

Experienced sailors, handypeople, those with videography/photography experience, beer brewers, and professional chefs preferred. You will be expected to contribute to boat costs and shared meals and help out with all boat work/projects.

If interested, send us a DM to meet for a beer & chat. We aim to be in Whitianga in a few days and then Tauranga a week or two later.

If we jibe, then we'll talk through the details together. You can get a feel for us by checking out our YouTube channel, youtube.com/SailingPivo , which we would love for our crew to be a part of, but its optional.

Note that we are fairly new sailors ourselves, and are a rainbow friendly boat. 🙂 🌈

We cannot pick anyone up at a certain spot, and we have no idea when we'll be in certain places. We're looking for crew now near Tauranga, and we'll see how things go for the future. You can keep an eye on our social media pages to see if we're in your area, and shoot us a DM. Sorry team! Can't make further plans in the sailing life!

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Hey guys 🙂

Hope you're travelling well. I've got two weeks off from 24 July until 7 August and I was wondering of you'll be looking for crew to join you over that time? 

I've done a little bit of sailing and volunteer with the coastgaurd so have a bit of nautical knowledge and can tie a few good knots. I also just love being in and around the ocean so would be stoked to have rhe opportunity to sail with you for a few weeks.

I'm based in welly so can bring a few nice craft beers with me, and I'd be happy to meet you anywhere so hopefully we can line something up. 

ka kite,



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Sorry Jaci, but it looks like the Pivo trip is off now, due to a major health issue. 

But maybe someone else out there will need crew for some winter cruising or delivery...


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Thanks for the kind wishes and check ins. Unfortunately, after being rushed to the hospital, we ended up spending the last 8 months in and out of the hospital system, and are only just now leaving the hell behind us. And....we are selling our girl, Satori. Sad indeed, but also many positive things to look forward to. 

We really appreciate all the kindness. Thank you!


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