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Bridge to Bean

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Over 200 entries for this race this weekend! strange what has happened to those hard men in the Emmies -after all they raced exactly this piece of water for all these years with the squadron and Victoria, some of us old luggers are doing it in 7' prams :)


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4 hours ago, Veladare said:

Droves? I counted only 4 racing a few Sundays ago

Fleet numbers down and it seems (from F/B0 they spend time at Kawau Is. Did a season a few yrs ago as forward hand on Marquita. Only helmed one once,buggered if I could get it to go to windward.

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I have heard of a green and white fleet for Optis' -well we joined the yellow fleet for nutshells pulling out half an hour before the whole thing was cancelled. When you see an eighteen capsized under the bridge and Lasers starlings and Sunbursts all capsized over the harbour with many ribs towing broken boats the organisers made the right decision. Roll on November hopefully.... 

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