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Rob from Gulf Harbour rigging replaced all standing rigging for us,  new chainplates, windows, mast wiring done.

Now back in the water it's a push to get all the plumbing/cooking/nav systems installed and operational before Xmas... no popping the champagne cork just yet!

Fortunately the mechanicals are pretty low hour and the fridge freezer works like a mad thing, so I can concentrate on niceties now.





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 I also remember it on the marina a while ago looking a bit tired so a massive improvement and we all appreciate how much work (and time) is involved.  Aqualine is another lonely 1020 getting prepped for the season so a bit of a resurgence? Ive always been impressed with how well laid out 1020's are for cruising, not too big and not too small and the good news is that boat prices are firming up for good Kiwi boats so all those boat dollars you put into it may even come back to you one day!

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8 months on from purchase and we made it back up to the BOI.

Even knocked most of the things off the wife's list including pressure hot water and shower!

What a game changer the extra meter on waterline is. I spent 14 days in total on her, wife and kids 10, even had a friend and her kids stay for 2 days and nights (7POB), came home with still frozen food in bottom of freezer and water in tanks. I'll call that a win!




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