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  1. The commerce commision is crystal clear. What is a quote? A quote is an offer to do a job for a certain price. If the customer accepts the quote, then there is a contract for you to do the work for that price. If there is extra work involved that was not covered by the original quote, you must have agreement from the customer to change the price. What is an estimate? An estimate is the nearest price, or range of prices, that you can give based on past experience. If there may be any significant variation from the estimated price, you should make this, and the natu
  2. Most of us will have either swallowed the anchor or be compost by 2050 I had a 3000 for a while, good but a burning meths always smells a bit horrible. I even tried the highest alcohol content available from a chemical supplier but I think its the denaturing additive.
  3. They have to move from Izzy to pump out, unless they have airheads
  4. Whenever I go past I wonder at cost of private ownership.
  5. Ive heard that AvGas is very clean burning if you can source it
  6. "The chart says you cannot pass through there" "Here, hold my rum" Don Jamison
  7. The procedure doesn't seem to hard for a stroll to the pole https://www.mfat.govt.nz/assets/Environment/Antarctica-and-the-Southern-Ocean/EIA-form.pdf What was Jarles contingency plan? So many failures on his side, getting to Antarctica is easy but staying alive is another story altogether.
  8. If there was a Carrington event in mid summer at least 99.73% of the boats in Westhaven would be safe
  9. I'm not big on his conspiracy theory mainly because the chance of a disparate group of people keeping a lid on something like this would be about zero. Nzers are by and large fair and decent people including those working on the ice who are also bonded together by the harsh environment. Sailors share a common adversary against the elements and many of the navy crew would have " alternative" mates if not family being from NZ. Plenty would sympathise with the adventurous spirit. Someone would have cracked if the Berserk story had substance, but no one has. You have to ask yourself, who
  10. Lets assume that everyone was warned, then what?
  11. A bit of handwringing here, I think every active boat owner would be aware of the Tsunami from the media. If there was a serious risk to population centres then I am sure the CD text service would have been used. Looking at it another way, what would all these boat owners do in any case, move their boats to where exactly? If a Tsunami was hitting Auckland harbour what would I do? Probably zero, hope for the best and rely on insurance to sort it out. People can move to higher ground, boats just get what they get unless you decide to head offshore.
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