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  1. Great photos, you can easily imagine the whole peninsula eroding away!
  2. According to a council study of coastal erosion elsewhere it's pretty common to have no erosion mitigation plans, just let it run its course. The corollary is that they dont build on mudstone cliff edges!
  3. The erosion process is natural weathering, wave action undercutting the mudstone until eventually the top bit falls. Its made worse by removal of native vegetation and earthworks which alters the drainage and water table. These heavy rains saturate the ground and weight tends to makes the strata slide on top of each other, if you've ever been to any of the gold mining sites and seen the power of sluicing where they used to literally demolish hillsides, its obvious you really need to have good drains on a cliff site! Whats surprising about the guy who lost his swimming pool (and his house has
  4. Aucklands papa cliffs erode quite quickly, its probable that these were built well back initially. Cliff top properties in Auckland are vulnerable
  5. Went for a ride in the inflatable and got a few pictures of the devastation around here counted about 30 slips then gave up
  6. Seems that the sound proofing market has quite a margin, especially when that old magic money making word "marine" gets used regardless of quality, so its probably a good choice to go with the Lustys product.
  7. Some of the videos taken on the shore of streams and old watercourses in full flow are incredible, and in fully built up areas too. Something to consider is all the trees, slash etc that's been washed into the gulf which will be hazardous for some time.
  8. For a TS theres no real need If its got a swing keel, I used a lead line and the chart. Or get on Ali Express for an el cheapo kayak device
  9. At this point Id like to remind members that we did have summer this year, Pretty sure it occurred on Monday this week when everyone was back at work. Here's proof; Spent the night at the Happy Jacks and here's the view at midnight looking up;
  10. 2023 Regatta Cancellation Notice Unfortunately due to the weather, the 2023 Mahurangi Regatta has been cancelled. The weather situation for Saturday from multiple sources is for winds 15-25kn gusting 30kn from the north-east with rain from Friday afternoon to Sunday. The races and events to Mahurangi run by CYA, DYC, SYC and CCYC have also been cancelled.The Regatta Committee is disappointed to have to make this announcement and we wish you the best in enjoying alternative activities for the Anniversary Weekend.Cheers Martin FarrandCommodoreMahurangi Cruising Club
  11. People seriously underestimate the effort, time and cash outlay to properly restore an old wooden boat, and it gets exponentially worse the bigger they are. Once they are restored, what do you have? Usually a beautiful but very impractical object that requires continual ongoing maintenance and will never ever give you your time or money back, so you have to really want the aesthetic! The classic story here is Rawhiti (among many others). No one is going to step up and give you actual money to restore your "valuable" piece of yachting heritage- but dont worry everyone will give you free ad
  12. looking wet and windy at this stage
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