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  1. The author means well but he's out of his depth and kind of making it up and he goes along!
  2. Ive got a Vulcan MFD, the only comment is get one with a dial, touchscreens suck when its cold and wet. If I were to upgrade I'd go for Zeus 9 any smaller its hard to read, I m not sure id want a bigger plotter at the helm station as you tend to look at them all the time like a magnet!
  3. Looks exactly like today, the boys are out for a bash and then some rums! Great photo thanks for sharing
  4. Perhaps SSANZ could include a solo division, or better still make it a family race i.e couples or parent/child
  5. The latest rules as I read them at present are; one household per boat. Makes sense because you cant keep 2m distance. sailing and boating — all boating activities should be limited to people from the same household so unless your crew is family, or you like solo sailing then I cannot see racing proceeding without rule changes.
  6. https://www.noaa.gov/news-release/world-first-ocean-drone-captures-video-from-inside-hurricane
  7. Who is "we"? The business community got into bed with China and we are now for better or worse dependent on trading with them. Successive govts have pretty much always gone along with whatever business wants. I agree with you, it is a double standard. Personally I don't want to be associated with team bonesaw, nor do I prefer business is done in our national name with Sheik Muhammad who appears to have kidnapped, drugged and tortured his daughters Latifa and Shamsa...
  8. As I said whataboutism, two wrongs do not make a right.
  9. Team NZ is a stroke of marketing genius.
  10. Whataboutism deflects from choices moving forward. Sure we can improve on many social, environmental and health related metrics but I think this is a valid question. Do we align with Emirates https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2021/country-chapters/united-arab-emirates or do we look the other way and take the money?
  11. Psyche

    PT 11

    Ply dinghies are not so hard to build, CNC kits only save time (which may be valuable) but with a bit of care and a few tools anyone can measure and cut well enough for epoxy glue.
  12. Psyche

    PT 11

    Looks more of a sailing addition than a workhorse dinghy, I like Nutshell prams.
  13. my compressor behaved oddly a few times before it died, I'd check the coil to see if its within spec to make sure, but it does sound suspect.
  14. Had this problem, your coil is probably fried like mine was. That said they are as cheap as chips, so just replace it. Easy DIY job https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-A-C-Compressor-Coil-Sanden-SD508-5H14-SD510-12V-9430-6040-CM120019-/142638606558?_ul=IL Should be a stock item in NZ
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