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  1. Psyche

    New Genoa

    A lot of lofts get some of their sails made offshore, design and IP is what you pay for plus brand support. When they are competing in a tight margin market and everyone else is doing it then the only way to compete is matching them. I dont know the numbers in the sail business but typically offshore lofts that use the same cloth are about 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of NZ made. Once you buy them you are on your own- forget about after sales service! I am in two minds about this ( I have never done it btw) the first is sending work offshore that could be done by a NZ'er and help our local economy
  2. Isnt the govts first responsibility to manage the fishery, it is a traditional free food resource after all which makes it a little different to oil or mineral extraction rights.
  3. Obviously I am biased but the S34 racing is fantastic, the first 5 boats are separated by 2 points.
  4. How big are the holes 10mm? I'd just bog them
  5. He was too busy monitoring the start line
  6. The marine market is tiny, they sell truckloads for industrial use. Try googling it in the US, 4 litres is $450 so we get a pretty sweet deal here
  7. Hempel, despite being here for 15 plus years and being a big player in Europe (with excellent paint) they are still a minor player in the retail market, same with Jotun. Boaties are very conservative, which makes sense when the biggest cost component for a paintjob is haulout and labour. International for example is a good product, is it the best?-maybe but its very reliable and has huge backing so even though the prices are high, its worth it for most people. The paint companies know this and price their products accordingly, you can often buy the industrial/commercial line from some companie
  8. I found that article years ago and kept it for occasional re reading, most people know its important but just not how much advantage it is to have a smooth clean hull. 3% is free money!
  9. Pretty sure that if ultrasound worked to prevent fouling there would be some big players out there, maybe it does but when you turn the dial up enough to cook a chicken? Heres some more on boundary layers and yachting kim-klaka-how-smooth-a-bottom.pdf
  10. Welcome to the world of recreational stoves, poor quality and Gucci prices are the norm.
  11. Its been around a while but maybe the price puts people off so not much feedback on a racing yacht. Have heard that its soft so easily damaged but IDK. Are you able to give us an idea of cost?
  12. how was it to apply and whats the finish like?
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