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  1. I get that, colregs etc but as for specifically required safety gear or rules as per YNZ and especially in regard to the windows getting driven out of their frames, there appears to be no vessel structural or safety requirements for pleasure craft that are not heading to a foreign port.
  2. Any local can take any boat 30 miles of Cape Brett and experience the same conditions yet not have to comply with any safety category. If you go to the MNZ site and look at recreational requirements- there are none, only recommendations. There does appear to be inconsistencies with regulations, a yacht heading offshore must be of a certain standard, if you are participating in a yacht race then you must comply with regulations. I presume that if an event resulted in loss of life then a recreational skipper could be prosecuted but its all a bit vague What rules? I only see recommen
  3. Psyche


    Coming from launching small boats from surf beaches, with good timing big soft breaking waves like that are worse than they look. However that said its a whole other world to leaving Westhaven I am sure we could all do it once or twice on good day but as a job and having to return with a load of fish? Leave it to the professionals! I surfed the Westport bar years ago, was ok but the water colour is just like that a lot of the time. Like swimming draught beer
  4. The point is that's offshore as far as practicality is concerned, so mullions or not I can go!
  5. Do you need permission to go to Waitangi?
  6. Kirby also designed a line of Sharpies, there was one in Westhaven for a while 15 years ago, then it went up to Sandspit. IIRC the Maritime museum director at the time had it built but it didn't do so well in Gulf conditions.
  7. John Bennet at Sparloft may be able to help.
  8. Any public figure like Dalton has will have supporters and detractors, he has done an absolutely remarkable job winning the cup back and defending it. Team New Zealand is an organisation that people want to work for and that says a lot about the culture, thats not what we are discussing though. If I recall TNZ demanded money from the public, so we invested in the defence expecting that if they won that TNZ would host a second defence here. Covid threw a force majeure spanner into the works so the promised spin offs for the local economy didnt happen this time. You could say that it was a
  9. So it does seem that the AC spectacle came out at a 28 cent loss for every dollar spent. All up 156 million from the public purse. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/447287/america-s-cup-new-zealand-made-156m-loss-on-hosting-event Here's a gem Remind me next time how good it feels when I spend 156m of your money on a circus then instead of the promised big encore, they leave town!
  10. Talk to Pahi, they did all the work getting ready for the RNI, and those things on the windows are called mullions. You could look at one of those transom hung generators that double as an emergency rudder, kill two birds but spendy. He said one of the best upgrades was putting a reef in the No2.
  11. Thanks to SSANZ for putting on a great day, could not have asked for better conditions. After a pretty good start away from the carnage at the pin we managed to keep the rest of the fleet behind us and popped out of the Rakino channel with a good lead until the last stretch to the haystack where we got run down by Playbuoy and their code 0. Maybe we should have split at the haystack as some of the 88's that went left made Browns on one board, but as we rounded we were pointing at the finish so carried on right. Took a couple of digs into the Rangi shore but the boats that stayed out past the
  12. 11.30 Saturday ready to launch Thought this was worth a mention, a few weeks ago I broke the shaft strut on Psyche or rather it was more likely the result of 40 years of electric sea mice nibbling away. It was discovered hanging down off the shaft during routine clean, possibly been like that for a few weeks! I had planned to replace it with a bronze strut, the process involved getting a pattern, casting and machining which all takes time, and to coincide that with the yard plus the need to be out of the water for the shortest time meant that a lot of moving parts had to come together to
  13. Elly we are on the same page, I previously gave my feedback to SSANZ re the new start sequence, the essence of it was: off the wind it's tricky as you have competing divisions looking for clear air to windward i.e. a potential rollfest on the wind, sbd tackers vs port tackers in different divisions = cluster limited vis and maneuverability shorthanded exacerbates any issues All of the above is more problematic in very light or very heavy air.
  14. Not a fan of the split line or slow boats first. The start is a really important part of the race, win the start and get clear air is everyone's goal. Having to compete with far bigger two handed boats on the line elevates risk unnecessarily. Then having to thread through slow boats and gas is all the more reason to use a conventional start sequence. If the issue is time then perhaps start earlier?
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