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  1. Well go with the 1020's on the home for dinner course
  2. Go to the YNZ site and it eventually leads to MPI See weed, chuck it straight back (updated February 2023) [PDF, 5.3 MB] Caulerpa identification guide (February 2023) [PDF, 8.1 MB] See weed, chuck it straight back – Summer campaign flyer [PDF, 2.9 MB] Caulerpa brachypus and the Controlled Area Notice at Great Barrier Island [PDF, 2.5 MB] Leaflet on Caulerpa brachypus and the Controlled Area Notice at Great Barrier Island [PDF, 4.2 MB] Caulerpa – Great Barrier Island biosecurity response [PDF, 943 KB] Caulerpa parvifolia and Caulerpa brachypus fact shee
  3. Its normal to overreact and be fearful of what we don't understand. Caulerpa is here to stay probably, over time nature will have its way and it will fit into the ecosystem. My observation is that we operate under this paradigm that NZ was paradise before humans came along and interfered and that paradise must be restored by limiting human impact so everything can return to "balance". I dont buy it, nature is brutal and things change all the time and in this case the arrival of new aquatic plant. Best thing is an education campaign to limit the spread and raise awareness. If its really that b
  4. Jeff Bezos has a new boat, quite a contrast to vessels like "A" that was here for a while some years ago. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/19/style/bezos-yacht-koru.html It has a dinghy too but not quite as modest as yours or mine; and the vague Kiwi connection anyway its nice to see something that looks like a sailing vessel
  5. Which community are they listening to?
  6. Psyche

    Pogo 36

    nice boat, I like the swing keel for cruising
  7. Bit of a contradiction there by MPI, if it can drift on currents then currents may take it to Coromandel and beyond surely. How did it get to Barrier, if it was via yacht then we would expect have some sightings at one of of the popular mooring areas.
  8. I am not an expert in the "how" I am simply reporting my experience which I suspect is not too different to many peoples. I dont read NZ Geographic, no volunteer handed me a pamphlet, I dont read fishing mags and as far as Stuff and Herald- well the quality of the content is so abysmal that I skip through the headlines so for "consumers" of digital product like me there's a problem. Pretty easy to miss online and poof it disappears into the black hole of the net. I am not saying that there is no effort, but thats its not effective. How about on nowcasting instead of annoying garbage for
  9. The point I am making is that information is sparse. DIY research shouldnt be required because nothing much is communicated, if this is the problem that google tells me it is then it should be a major issue put front and centre to all the stakeholders.
  10. All my info on Caulerpa is from crew and google, so I remain uneducated on the problem and the solution
  11. Fair comment and its an indication of the myopic lens through which I view the world- keelboat owners who cruise the gulf You do need rules but I still think that most people want to do the right thing but they need to know what that thing is or more importantly the consequences arising from it.
  12. Threat to horticulture, massive response, marine environment not so much
  13. Caulerpa sounds like it could be a significant threat but thus far my only real education on the subject has been my google searches, that's not good enough. Which agency is meant to educate and raise awareness of Caulerpa, because they are doing a pretty poor job. Most boaties are environmentally sensitive enough to take real responsibility regardless of the rules. Also it appear that fanworm program suffers the same problems, but these agencies are looking to lay blame on yachties for transporting it around but are ok with Auckland marinas having no requirement to control it. Furthermore
  14. Sounds a lot like if you're in the business of making rules, then when theres a problem, just make more of them.
  15. Again its all in the definitions, a boat may have finished but it has not stopped racing until she clears the finishing line. Racing A boat is racing from her preparatory signal until she finishes and clears the finishing line and marks or retires, or until the race committee signals a general recall, postponement or abandonment.
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