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Cavalier 32 - Angle of propeller shaft

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Hi. My boat is a 47 year old Cav 32. Like most Cav 32s of the time, the engine was positioned forward facing, and transmission went through a remote Viking vee-drive, changed direction and went under the engine then through the hull. I am installing a vee-drive to replace the original Viking vee-drive and I need to rebuild the footings. Problem is that I cannot tell for certain what the angle is of the propeller shaft where it goes through the hull. I can't actually get a clinometer onto the propellor shaft becuse of all the other things in the way, but I think it is about 8 degrees, where as the old vee-drive footings show about 11 degress - a misalignment of three degrees! If anyone knows what the propeller shaft angle actually is that would be awesome. Thanks in advance, Martin

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