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Copper strip earthing and EWOF

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I have a Bronze sintered grounding plate on the hull for the SSB. 

Very similar, if not identical, to the smallest of these:


The SSB has a wide/thin copper tie, 2" +/- wide x 1mm that connects to this. 

Why does it use a copper strip instead of just a wire?

Can I use this as my EWOF marina AC earth? 


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Not for commercial survey. Most private vessels don't have ground plates. You don't have to have a ground plate for an ewof. Your ac ground should be connected to your DC ground (bus bar, engine, whatever it is) at ONE location only. IMO you should have a galvanic  isolator in the AC ground, near the shorepower connection.  This is only strongly advised in the regs.

The SSB uses flat copper strap as it works better than a cable for RF grounds.  Round cable is not great for a ground plane connection. This is NOT an electrical ground, but an RF ground, they are very different!

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