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Experienced crew seeking boat to join for a few months - Pacific / South Pacific

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My name is Danielle, and I am seeking a boat to crew on starting around February for about 3 months. I have my Yachting NZ Levels 1 & 2, have raced several times, and I have been captaining my own 40 foot monohull for the past 18 months. I am an American Citizen based in New Zealand and have permanent residency here.

So, here's my story, why I am looking for a boat..... youtube.com/sailingpivo if you want to watch it.
Hubby and I bought our boat in July 2020 and we went full time in December 2020. In June 2021, we were rushed to the hospital where a massive 8cm tumor was discovered in my husband's brain and he was rushed into emergency surgery. Pure hell ensued for the next 7 months as an infection developed, he lost a piece of his skull to the infection, and then New Zealand went into a strict lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid, which delayed the surgery to replace the missing skull bone.
Now, 7 months since the diagnosis, we are finally coming out the other end, but we are both burnt out and need some time alone to think about what is next for us. It is possible if I gain more experience sailing, that hubby will return to our sailing life. 
I have a dream to cross the Pacific, and that would be my preferred boat, but any option is an option. I have heaps of energy, and I was always the person able to stay awake during long watches. I also picked up on the maintenance super fast as I am very resourceful and handy.
I appreciate your consideration, and hope to be able to sail with one of you awesome souls.
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Hi Sailing Pivo,

Life certainly is a journey isn't it. I am sorry to hear of that sad part to yours but I think its great to see you making positive steps forward and not ruling anything out for the future, that's great.

I also have a story which I can share at a later date :) but basically I need to organise a trip from NZ to Melbourne and back again to pick up 'a friend' :)

I need to find either :

1. A skipper with a boat who wants to do the trip ( me paying for everything obviously )

2. To crew on a boat over there and then both of us crew on a bat back

3. Buy a boat for the trip and then either keep it or sell it when we get back

4. options ?


I actually sold my boat, a 33ft Keeler about 2 years ago annoying otherwise that would have been great for the trip.

So my question you is, would you like to help me get this trip organised somehow and when done come along for the adventure.

You can call me if you wish my number is 02102580555

Hope to hear back from you :)



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