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Help, which sailing dinghy should I buy?

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Hi all, I am looking to buy my first sailing dinghy. I have crewed on larger yachts and this year decided to learn to sail properly in a dinghy.
The club I joined has been teaching me in a RS Feva XL and I have really enjoyed sailing it. I am 50 y.o 178cm 80kg, and live in Northshore, Auckland. 
I am now at the stage of looking to purchase my own boat but I need some advice regarding the different options being sailed out there.

My list of what I’m looking for in a sailing dinghy is…

A boat that I can sail single handed,

a boat I can sail double handed with my 12 y.o. son, (50kg)

preferably multiple sail options (main, gib, gennaker) so I learn more about trimming different sails,

is self bailing,

can be raced socially with a club near me,

is easy for a fairly new dinghy sailor, fun and exciting to sail, comfortable for 50yo


I am just throwing ideas round at this stage and I realise that all boats are a compromise and that is a pretty full on list. 
Any thoughts would be much appreciated. As my only dinghy sailing experience has been in a Feva if you are able to make comparisons on how other boat would compare to a Feva that would be helpful too.


Thanks in advance 

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There are A LOT of very appropriate boats around. 

I'd probably suggest working backwards and finding out what is raced near you then making a considered analysis of the various boats. 

I would imagine the main compromise will be made around your enthusiasm for racing. If racing is your goal then the biggest most active fleet will guide your decision, this may have benefits further down the line with regards to resale and availability of second hand gear. 

Sunbursts are great boats and I love them but they are a little dated in design. I believe some later glass moulds have self draining decks but most require bailing. No sprit/gennaker but do fly kites. 
The pros are that they are widely available second hand and cheap. 

That Topaz Omega looks fantastic. You could also just buy a Feva XL. 

What is your budget? I would suggest this is your second big compromise as if buying second hand time to watch the marketplace (and get a bargain) vs. buy a new model right now may be the second major compromise. 

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