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  1. Replace the ropes. Drop 1 size. New rope flexes so much better and will have less friction. Those all look well worn and will be as stiff as can be.
  2. Yes, I suspect you are right, it is a fairly large motor and load for such a small battery. i have the correct spec batters installed, and we will see how long they last. thanks everyone for the help... I was destined to put the wrong type in again it it wasn’t for the advice.
  3. That’s awesome information, thanks guys. I knew it was worthwhile posting up on here. I could have so easily repeated the same mistake, using the specs off the existing battery. i don’t know if I accidentally swapped in gel batteries, or if I just copied what had already been incorrectly put in. either way, AGM of the same size is the next logical step. thanks again, the wealth of knowledge in here is fantastic
  4. Unfortunately it’s second hand, and they are not original batteries. they are vague, attached is the info in their spec sheet
  5. Bugger, I thought this would be simple. I’ve learnt something though, I though AGMs charged at the same voltage. i guess I’m off to the nz distributor /supplier then. I was reluctant to even ask for a price given the list price for a new tug, which is not much more than a golf trolley motor!
  6. I guess that’s a possibility.. I was going on blindly believing the manufacturer would get it right. They sell these things to airports etc for moving trolleys, and are 14k+ new. its their own brand label on the charger, so not a lot to be found on it. seriously thinking about moving things around now to fit a larger battery set now.
  7. I suspect you are right IT, both in therms of choice and treatment. Unfortunately with multiple staff using it, it does not get treated nicely. I suspect It really needs much larger batteries, but don’t really want to spend the time rebuilding to fit them! it does have a agm charger built in, so would probably last ok if it was kept on charge when not being used... sounds easy right. have emailed the guy you suggested aardvarkash
  8. Cheap batteries have only lasted 6 months. Where can I get a good quality battery of the same dimensions.? uses 2 of them for 24v, but still it would draw a fair current, and tend to deep cycle cheers
  9. Jason128

    FM AM radios

    I would be very cautious with splitters- I have seen two first hand that degrade the vhf transmission significantly. Both were very near new- and a popular nz brand I would rather have a second aerial and know the vhf is going to work properly.
  10. Seems to me there’s a LOT of extra work in changing the drive configuration, I bet if you add it up, you could swap replacement saildrives in agin in 10 years and still be better off. I would look at how much extra work and cost you are creating for yourself - especially when there are bolt in replacement options. You are talking about being out of the water for a week vs 6-8. remember nothing is without maintainance.... theirs still seals, thrust bearings, and all the other fun stuff to fail
  11. Move it as a temporary thing and try- depending on how the boat is built you might get away with it. it will not be as accurate- only you can decide how important that is to you, it will depend how you use it. I moved ours receiver inside when the outside one failed, but it is still an seperate gps, tucked up close to the cabin top. Ended up using a 50 dollar gps module, off eBay as I didn’t want to spend 500+ or a raymarine one for a 15 year old plotter. most will show the signal strength somewhere in the settings, so you can get a rough idea of the loss.
  12. So... you have two functioning alternators on your boat, and want a third as a spare? surely you can setup to charge both sides from one as a backup.
  13. It’s well worth spending the time to get it loose. There’s plenty of motors that have continued to run for years after being corrosion seized. Yes it might never be quite the same, but given how much you will actually use it, does it really matter if it smokes a little? I remember my dad spraying crc in a engine for what seemed like month to free it before it finally worked, we sailed around in it for years later as kids. I know how much better Automatic Transmission Fluid mixed with crc works on bolts, if you know what your cylinders are made of, this might be an better option.
  14. Also a little pc fan inside the fridge blowing on the fan can make a huge difference for now much effort
  15. I would think 100mm of foam is pretty good. essentially you are trying to cool those brine tanks, which will take a lot to do initially. I Tried to freeze 3x 10l bottles in the freezer at home before Christmas, it took the best part of a week to freeze them solid, kept the beer cold for at least a week in the esky too Either drain them, or use them to your advantage if you can - you just need to get them cool before you load up the fridge. Setup it up so you can run it for 2-3 days before you set off, they will be nice and cold and help keep the temperature cool and stable. Once
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