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composting heads ( Toilets not politicians )

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Back from 2 week trip and spent too much time unclogging and managing disruptive head. Again!! Have seen in a couple of thread drifts that some members here have in the past fitted composting heads. Would be keen to hear how you rate them and any recommendations that you have as we are looking to go this way. 

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We have a Airhead composting Toilet in the Land Yacht, and the usual manual type in the water yacht. As for the composting head we have done four short trips so far and here is what we have found. (I am assuming you have read the advertising blurb  and watched the odd video) 

  • It deals with the solid waste as advertised, there is no smell other than perhaps a inoffensive mild peat like odour.
  • It uses a small vent fan that must run 24/7 for it to work, this draws a trivial current and wont tax your battery so long as you have a modest amount of solar.
  • The liquid waste goes into a separate vessel and its surprising how quickly this fills, the human body sure does expels a lot of fluid. Expect to empty it every 48 hrs with two adults, probably daily with kids. if it is more than say 60% fill you would want to empty it before sailing I would say.
  • There Is the benefit of less hull penetrations etc but you will need an external exhaust for the vent fan.
  • Its very fast/easy to install.
  • It sits a bit higher than the common marine head so you might have to compensate for that.
  • You would only need to empty the solids every 3 to 6 months, just tip into a clean sack and put in the rubbish or use it to compost non edible garden shrubs etc.
  • its a bit of a misnomer to call it a composting toilet because it does not really reach full composted stage but more a dessicated peat like  mix of waste and coconut fibre. 
  • All users  have to sit down to pee.

I would say its definitely a viable option so longs as you are prepared to take on a different perspective.








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I did a two week voyage with one that sounds similar to above. No good when the vessel heels, No2 deflects off side of container (not ideal) Where do you empty them, maybe be OK for a weekender (if you have a masochistic streak)  If you have a wife and dauaghters dont go there.


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