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  1. Hi Re the image with the sheets of ply joined is that join another way of joining instead of scarfing the ply by tapering the edge. how strong is it compared with a scarfed join. Does that profile come with the dinghy plans? Tks
  2. I did a two week voyage with one that sounds similar to above. No good when the vessel heels, No2 deflects off side of container (not ideal) Where do you empty them, maybe be OK for a weekender (if you have a masochistic streak) If you have a wife and dauaghters dont go there.
  3. Does the F.W. system have an accumulator ( a small presssure tank with an internal diaphragm filled with nitrogen on one side, 8 litres I think) this could be the answer. I have one in my system it allows the pump to start with no head and then with flow build pressure. It has been trouble free 20+ plus years.
  4. Thanks I.T. for that post, quite a few have been buying cheap diesel heaters down our way.!
  5. Yes thats exactly how I used it, I went to Roller furling unfortunately Im getting a bit long in the tooth for hank on now.
  6. Brass Fitting for anchor locker $30.00 plus postage
  7. vesper1


    Compass $25.00 plus postage Oil filled. Quite a nice compass gimballed. Japanese : Saura Keiki Seisakusho
  8. Sail bag no longer needed made for my 30.5 sq meter No 1 . Measures 2.4 meters on foot. (made for foot folded in half. Make an offer
  9. Another option is to keep the existing alternator for the start battery and add the 120 amp alternator for the houser batterries. This gives redundency if one fails. Ive been running this system for 20 years absolutely trouble free. I have 2 belts on the 120 amp alternator (bosch off the shelf automotive) with a BEP smart charger. I think I may have renewed the belts once a long time ago. Also a Yanmar 3J series.
  10. Hi if all went right the gas regs as a pdf should be attached as-nzs-5601-2-2013_59f12676e2b6f5db38cae6f7_pdf.dat.pdf
  11. Hi Ihave a bulkhead connector if you still require one.
  12. I sent my poorly performing DST 800 transducer back as it was less than a year old, seller had it tested and said it was OK so I have it back still underwelming performance. Wondering what my next step will be, Airmar seem to have the market tied up. Must be a better way, too much money! for a dst810
  13. I have a DST 800 NMEA 2000 the depth part works but quite poorly particularly at shallowe depths. It used to work well. I have heard that the firmware can be reloaded and is available on the net. Does anyone know of anybody doing this in N.Z. ? I am underwhelmed with the performance of these transducers this is a repacement for the first which failed completely after only a year or so.
  14. Having to replace a Main Halyard 12mm that has some sort of Hi spec core its done 20 years and come to the end of its life. But there seems quite a few choices and prices. Are there any riggers out there can give me direction I dont want super high spec but I also enjoy sailing and dont want to be revisiting the mast to retension the halyard etc.
  15. vesper1

    Lithium v AGM

    That's so cool, I recently did a delivery on a yacht with lithium iron batteries and what astounded me was the rapidity of the recharge the yacht had electric auto helm and electric fridge and I definitely felt the lithium iron was a disruptive technology same as H. F. Radios are being displaced by Sat phones.
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