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  1. Hi if all went right the gas regs as a pdf should be attached as-nzs-5601-2-2013_59f12676e2b6f5db38cae6f7_pdf.dat.pdf
  2. Hi Ihave a bulkhead connector if you still require one.
  3. I sent my poorly performing DST 800 transducer back as it was less than a year old, seller had it tested and said it was OK so I have it back still underwelming performance. Wondering what my next step will be, Airmar seem to have the market tied up. Must be a better way, too much money! for a dst810
  4. I have a DST 800 NMEA 2000 the depth part works but quite poorly particularly at shallowe depths. It used to work well. I have heard that the firmware can be reloaded and is available on the net. Does anyone know of anybody doing this in N.Z. ? I am underwhelmed with the performance of these transducers this is a repacement for the first which failed completely after only a year or so.
  5. Having to replace a Main Halyard 12mm that has some sort of Hi spec core its done 20 years and come to the end of its life. But there seems quite a few choices and prices. Are there any riggers out there can give me direction I dont want super high spec but I also enjoy sailing and dont want to be revisiting the mast to retension the halyard etc.
  6. vesper1

    Lithium v AGM

    That's so cool, I recently did a delivery on a yacht with lithium iron batteries and what astounded me was the rapidity of the recharge the yacht had electric auto helm and electric fridge and I definitely felt the lithium iron was a disruptive technology same as H. F. Radios are being displaced by Sat phones.
  7. Thanks re subject being talked about before. Yes an Inreach does not comply as the rule is written. The rule can be rewritten the rules are arbitrary. The rules are up for review see YNZ posts. An Inreach costs about a third of an iridium go and the the running costs are quite a bit cheaper - thats the point.
  8. With regard to Rule 18 Communication I was wondering does anyone have an opinion on Using a Garmin Inreach Satellite communication device ( txt only. Not voice) I think it could satisfy the requirements of rule 18 off shore communication - a lot less expensive than sat phone or HF radio no voice but is that an issue? Comes with other features like weather and vessel tracking if you want it.
  9. I had lazy jacks for several years on my Townson 38 and honestly it was one of the best days work ever getting rid of them, not worth the hassle better off without them.
  10. For me the best system has two seperate alternators, an engine alternator and a higher capacity house alternator. I like the redundancy. In an emergency the engine and house system can be put in parallel. I realise not all installations have room for two alternators but for my money if you can then two seperate electrical systems : an engine system and a house system are the way to go.
  11. Not ideal but you could knurl the shaft then machine knurling to fit coupling. Another way would be to sleeve the coupling . I have seen this arrangement with grub screws before but it's better to thru bolt the shaft and coupling because in astern the only thing preventing the shaft from pulling out are the two grub screws Shaft exiting is a major event.
  12. I have a Yanmar j series and there is a small gauge wire from the start switch to a relay. The start switch energises the relay which activates the starter solenoid etc. The relay is situated on the engine. It works well and is a way of getting around a voltage drop on longer runs of light gauge wiring.
  13. I put a mechanical fuel gauge on my tank same issue re fastening to a tank wall about 1.5mm. I used self tappers pan head with a fibre washer under each head and plenty of sealant under the housing. It's been over 15years and no issues. The key is a washer or o-ring under the screw head.
  14. It looks similar to my TP 30. If so it is tuneable that is you can tune it for sea state and gain by pressing buttons. The user manual is available online if you search TP 30 user manual. Also check the T.P cannot move interdependently of the yacht what I mean is if the TP moves the internal compass thinks the boat has changed course when just the TP has moved.
  15. The beauty of two alternators is the redundancy offered, this is a good enough reason on it own. I've had a 120 amp alternator charging house batteries plus original Yanmar alt charging dedicated engine battery for almost 20 years and have never had a problem starting the engine. It's a simple system and 100 % redundancy you won't regret it.
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