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Simrad AP25 - capacitor replacement / electrical work

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Maybe. If you have an AP25, what is your MFD/Plotter. Later versions have no specific AP controller, the plotter/mfd is one, the software is included. Alternatively, there are multiple models of AP controllers available, depending on what AP computer unit you have. If the drive unit is OK, it could be used with any system upgrade.

Give me a call if you wish to discuss - I'm a Simrad and B&G tech dealer. Based in Gulf Harbour. Ph 0221539176. If it were me I would not repair this controller.

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Thanks! I have the EVO NSS3 (x2). I have the AC20 computer on board. If this is possible, that would be great. Drive unit is fine. 


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The NSS3 has the AP controller software. Should work with the AC20 IIRC, but the AC20 is quite old compared to the NSS! So, Firstly the AC20 must be visible on the device list for the N2K. To do thatm the gear icon 2 x, then network, device list. Can you see the AC20 on the list?

If you can't it may not be connected - check the network cabling, and ensure it's on the bus. Simnet IS N2K...

Where are you located?


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On 16/01/2023 at 5:08 PM, Aio said:

Looking for someone who can replace 2x capacitors on my AP25 unit as I believe that this will likely fix the issue I am having.



Do you have a photo of the capacitors in question? 

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