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  1. Awesome, thanks guys, And the beta one is in stock. Winner. Amazing the price difference between brands for identical parts. Burnsco can get the vetus one in but they told me it would take 5 months
  2. I need to replace my engine control. With the same as whats there - same cutout etc and existing control wires. I can't read the brand of the old unit. After searching online and looking at manuals and dimensions etc, it appears I'm after a vetus AFSTZIJ. Searching around, none here locally. But I've found one at the engine room under ' beta single arm controller' which looks identical in its mechanism, cutout, etc.. Looks identical. Does anyone know if this is actually an older standard design that just been copied identically and rebaged by a few different brand
  3. I wonder if you could be hauled out on a roodberg? Tamaki Marine Park has a shed 10m wide that you'd just fit in. If you can't come up the ramp on the roodberg, next door to them McMullen & wing have a slipway and a travellift, you might be able to come up their slipway and then move into the shed at Tamaki. Or just bite the bullet and get a big crane to pick you straight out of the water... Someone like NZ crane hire have rigs big enough and spreader bars for this.
  4. Winter

    Fiddly Repair

    Thanks for all the replies. Nearly went with the cut it off idea, but decided end the end to add more meat to it. Small peice of timber bead epoxyed in place and covered in filler. Hopefully should now have the strength it needs.
  5. I'm about to tackle this. Awlgrip rep said that 545 wont stick to the #3. Wants me to to Interprotect first, then 545, then Awlgrip. I've no experience with interprotect but i'm not sure I want to learn to sand that on all the details of my cockpit etc... 4 Quotes from 4 reputable marine painters, none of them suggested using interprotect. Most of them said they would use 545. The Awlgrip rep says it wont stick, and they are just re-doing a yacht whos 545 didn't stick to old #3. Who do I believe? How bad is it to sand the interprotect?
  6. Winter

    Fiddly Repair

    I'd like some wise words on how best to fix this. Its the slot the washboards drop into. Inevitably the washboard goes in less than square and puts pressure on this very thin section, causing the crack as shown.
  7. Hi @gisywaterboy, how did you get on with this repainting of your cockpit? Did you go with the YRA600 in the end?
  8. Anybody have any recommendations for a mobile painter? Auckland Area (Panmure) Cheers
  9. Yeap, slow going, but progress is progress! It's a great yard.
  10. I've just binned one, have ordered a DST810 for replacement, hopefully these last longer.. I too am pretty disappointed but there isn't a lot of choice in the market for similar transducers.
  11. Need to borrow one of these asap to get an accurate measurement for my rudder bearing. Any ideas?
  12. The bootlace one? https://www.ideal.co.nz/nzi/Category/Tools-Instruments/Hand-Press-Cut/HNKE10-Bootlace-Crimp-Tool-Dieless-75-10mm/p/CABHNKE10 thats about $112. They had some one sale for around $80 the other day. $350 is way, way too much
  13. Removing toe tails does not look like a fun job Sprayed the elite or roll & tip?
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