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  1. but did you hear the sound it makes? Soon every boat will have its own jet turbine generator and Izzy bay will sound like an airport
  2. https://fusionflight.com/arc/
  3. I'll go in third place if one of the others falls through
  4. can you post a photo of the capacitors that need replacing? I may be able to help
  5. 650k worth apparently https://www.cityofsailsmarine.co.nz/multi-hull/50ft-carbon-cruiser-racer-catamaran
  6. Just been down and replaced my docklines, they were starting to get a bit tired so this was as good a time as any to replace them all. Took down sails and solar panels. I also went and inspected my neighbor boat, and its dock lines which looked like absolute sh*t. Am I out of line for going onto the neighbor boat and adding new docklines? I left their ones in place, just added more and made my ones slightly slacker so they should only kick in when theirs fail..
  7. dont bother, I have one with the ST10. Bonus pic from the anchorage tonight
  8. @Screwball if you are in auckland and want to try with my ST10.. you are most welcome.
  9. hey @Screwball - Sadly, I got nowhere. Navico support were no help, disappointing, as if they didn't even read what I had written and just copy pasted the how to update section from the manual. I need to try them again on the phone, but they are only open business hours and I'm not at the boat business hours...
  10. What is the go-to best hand held small manual pump for getting the last dribbles out of bilge, or dinghy etc? Something like this https://www.torpedo7.co.nz/products/T7KKAN908XXXXX/title/kayak-bilge-pump or this https://www.boat.net.nz/collections/pumps-hand-pumps/products/hand-pump-stirrup-style
  11. Do you have a photo of the capacitors in question?
  12. Hoping to be back in Westhaven by midday, that could work out? would be great
  13. Winter


    my cars there (hopefully) and my boat is not. I'm sunburnt and having a blast. 42nm today in some reasonable seas and 22-25kts. I had a great time. Missus spent the day hugging a bucket so not sure she got the same experience.
  14. Mine cant be controlled from the MFD, and behaves different to the manual says it should, for example when tacking, manual says it will beep three times as warning then tack, whereas mine just goes straight away. Im not convinced it steers to wind either.
  15. feck, I was worried someone would say that. Maybe navico has a list of serial numbers? Anyone want to buy a tp32 thats not compatible with newer nmea2000 stuff?
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