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  1. Isn't that for going around the outside of the mast? between the mast and the deck?
  2. Sorry Kevin not interested in dealing with you.
  3. 4mm Stainless wire x 4.6m - Brand new. pretty sure 7/19. Jabsco Manual Compact toilet - Old, but just did a service kit on the pump then decided to upgrade to the standard size. fender tube / lifeline cover - 13.8m of lifeline cover, new. solar panel, old, BP solar 50W Assorted old lines. Halyards, sheets etc. Anybody want it for some rum? Pickup St Johns or Westhaven
  4. it's considered a 'professional product ' , ie not diy friendly, I think they are not allowed to market to Joe public, because awl grip gets too many complaints of failures from people that didn't follow the instructions to a T
  5. you can buy awlgrip off the shelf in the chandlery at orams. just painted my boat with it. but, I agree.
  6. https://www.intervolt.com/product/voltage-sensing-relays/
  7. Bought for a project that never eventuated. Never used, still in box. Paid something like $230 for it. Offers PSR24150 150a
  8. Why do you want to rent me a literaft??
  9. but none of those were LifePo4 batteries...
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