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  1. Winter


    Thanks Everyone. Bonus is I now know what series track I have Only in black now it seems. Red ones would be faster upwind I thought.
  2. Where can I buy the little red plastic isolators which go on the track systems to isolate the SS countersink screws from the Alu track?
  3. You can 'test drive' the Navioncs charts online : https://webapp.navionics.com/
  4. Might be good to get that info off you anyway, parts are probably available from RS?
  5. Ordered one a day ago from Beacon, who had to work pretty hard to get Navico to admit that it was a real spare part. Apparently not anymore. They sold me their last one for $200
  6. This never gets old
  7. Which series? The days/ times etc would help
  8. Im in need of a bulkhead connector for a TP32.
  9. What on earth are you eating that you need 2" sanitation hose for? May I suggest a change in diet would be easier?
  10. KZ Marine for the stays & rigging screws, Mt Wellington.
  11. next he can get on to those lawns!
  12. Awesome, thanks guys, And the beta one is in stock. Winner. Amazing the price difference between brands for identical parts. Burnsco can get the vetus one in but they told me it would take 5 months
  13. I need to replace my engine control. With the same as whats there - same cutout etc and existing control wires. I can't read the brand of the old unit. After searching online and looking at manuals and dimensions etc, it appears I'm after a vetus AFSTZIJ. Searching around, none here locally. But I've found one at the engine room under ' beta single arm controller' which looks identical in its mechanism, cutout, etc.. Looks identical. Does anyone know if this is actually an older standard design that just been copied identically and rebaged by a few different brand
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