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  1. Here is one of my maxwell winches. Yours looks very very similar....
  2. if its Christchurch to Auckland id get in touch with mainfreight or toll 14m fits in a semitrailer which are allowed to be 14.5
  3. John Bennet at Sparloft has a trailer for this. Where are you taking it to/from?
  4. Thanks Sail Rock, good to know what sorta boat its good for. I'm not going to fit it to my boat.. , would you like a spare? make me an offer!
  5. Thanks KM & Fogg. I'll go with the nickel plated and the lashing
  6. What is the right crimp for the job? Copper or Nickel Plated Copper? Also, why are lifelines tensioned with the weird bit of lashing, rather than something like a turnbuckle / rigging screw? I assumed it was so you could cut it free? But the swages ends won't pass through a stanchion anyway so what does it gain you?
  7. Ok, update. Finally got around to polishing it up. Can now see a serial number, and a clear 15x11 marking. It has a marking which I think could read 'henley' ?
  8. I did this recently. Used the topping lift and an extra halyard to support the boom right above the pickup point. I just used the mainsheet to do the lifting. Lifted it, lowered it partially on the cockpit floor and slid the mainsheet pickup along the boom. Picked it up again, swung out over the lifelines and dropped it down to the finger. I have PM'd you some photos
  9. I bought a stainless one for my 3gmD from these guys : https://hdimarine.net/product/gm-stainless-steel-mixing-elbow/ Seems pretty good so far (5 years)
  10. is that haulout prices going up? or berth rates?
  11. https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2021/02/15/american-magic-fined-for-buzzing-tower/
  12. thanks. yes found 1 and 2 on the blades. will see what ive got to clean it up a bit
  13. 33ft 20hp. Can arrange a look after lockdown sure
  14. I don't know much about props. This came with the boat, has been in storage ever since. not sure why it was removed ( fixed 3 bladed unit installed ) Appears to be a Gori? Cant see any markings on it other than "1" and "2" No idea how to identify pitch or model or whatever. What is it worth to someone? Cheers
  15. Hey @aardvarkash10 What happens to your haulout today with lockdown? Crap weather for it as well
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