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  1. Do you have a photo of the capacitors in question?
  2. Hoping to be back in Westhaven by midday, that could work out? would be great
  3. Winter


    my cars there (hopefully) and my boat is not. I'm sunburnt and having a blast. 42nm today in some reasonable seas and 22-25kts. I had a great time. Missus spent the day hugging a bucket so not sure she got the same experience.
  4. Mine cant be controlled from the MFD, and behaves different to the manual says it should, for example when tacking, manual says it will beep three times as warning then tack, whereas mine just goes straight away. Im not convinced it steers to wind either.
  5. feck, I was worried someone would say that. Maybe navico has a list of serial numbers? Anyone want to buy a tp32 thats not compatible with newer nmea2000 stuff?
  6. Futher, the current version showing on my TP32 is 0130, which not even in the same format as the latest version
  7. Anyone familiar with the SWUP tool know what the status 'maintainence mode' sad faces and ! are about? I'm trying to update this TP32 and its failing. Navico support no help at this time of year
  8. And yes, they do offer more than your standard analog or digital voltmeter. They count power in, and power out - so you know your battery state as a %, rather than a voltage. Of course they show you voltage as well. https://victronenergy.co.nz/collections/battery-management-and-monitoring/products/battery-monitor-bmv-712-smart
  9. +1 for the Victron 712. Great units.
  10. Is it though? as someone earlier said, there is a park circa 300m away, which I would describe as underutilized. Seems there is plenty of public space in the area.
  11. Right, this unit has been repaired (capacitor soldered back on), tested (on the bench), and ready for sale.. Who wants it? Make an offer.
  12. https://www.creativecam.co.nz/ In East tamaki
  13. Isn't that for going around the outside of the mast? between the mast and the deck?
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