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Wind sensor - can anyone tell me what this is?

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Hi all,

My wind sensor at the top of the mast was a casualty of the cyclone wind - no longer spinning. Can anyone tell me what brand it is. Its connected to a B&G instrument in the cockpit so Im guessing its one of those. 

Repairable or replace?





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if it is just the bearing then it is easily replaceable,  undo the clip at the back to get the cable detached, then unclip the unit and bring it to the deck.  undo the nut at the bottom and remove the bearing.  It is  most likely part number 213-10-038.  

Be careful removing the cable as they are very hard to source if you break it.  But i have a brand new bearing still in the box which is surplus to requirements that i can sell to you for $100 (half what i paid for it and without the 3 week wait)


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It’s a B&G, 508 model by the looks. 608’s look the same and use the same bearing, mast cable and base. The complete 608 unit is still available as a spare. 

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