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  1. I love the community knowledge. So good thanks heaps. Will let you know how I get on.
  2. Hi all, My wind sensor at the top of the mast was a casualty of the cyclone wind - no longer spinning. Can anyone tell me what brand it is. Its connected to a B&G instrument in the cockpit so Im guessing its one of those. Repairable or replace? Thanks Nathan Wind sensor.MOV
  3. I see that there is a sunk boat that was moored by harbour bridge. Can see the mast poking out. That was last weeks storm.
  4. We wont be using our swing mooring from May to end Oct 2023. Available for rent $50pw. Rated up to 15m. Lifted and inspected 2022. Very handy location directly opposite the Hobsonville boat ramp.
  5. Hi all, Does anybody have any recommendations for chainplate manufacturing? Did a little google search but nothing obvious. Auckland based. thanks
  6. We have insurance through club marine for a swing mooring at Hobsonville.
  7. Thanks Ex Machina, does resene tint it to a range of colours - I'll take a look at that option.
  8. The limited range of paint colours is a frustration, esp when you can see what is available elsewhere in the world. International 'Interdeck' offers a grand total of 4 colours! I guess we are just a small market.
  9. That is a great idea, there is a potential little business there. Plus drogues.
  10. Can you please contact me on nathanbirchnz@gmail.com
  11. Shouldn't cruise ships be getting in on this action. How dumb is our govt. 14 day quarantine cruise from Aussie to NZ. Negative test before you get on and off the boat.
  12. Hi, I am looking at a boat that needs a teak deck removed, and will need some of the core replaced. Im happy to do the grunt work but would rely on professionals to do the core replacement and fibre glassing. Any recommendations on who would be good to approach about this? Upper north island. Thanks
  13. For someone exploring options it was worth a watch. I can handle bolt on keels but I do find it odd that skeg rudders aren't more common. Along with dinghy storage, it does seem like getting on and off the boat into the water is an after thought on a lot of bluewater boats. Def a marketing piece but what isnt.
  14. LOA unfortunately. I might nab that space at St Heliers while its free. $14000 a year times 10 years and boat is paid for.
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