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  1. One of the galvinised types that attached to the side of the marina, if you have one lying around let me know
  2. Here is what mine looks like about 30cm long, second photo not good but the shackle actually goes through a tube, assuming to stop the bar swivelling?
  3. do you need a metre? my one on a sock is about 30cm. Straight stainless bar with swivels on each end. halyard on one end head of kite on the other. I am out that way if you want to try it out to then figure out where to source one from. Or i can take a picture to show you the fitting
  4. a lathe i have, what i dont have at the moment is the knowledge of the materials, but acetal seems to be the go to product for this sort of thing
  5. so i am ready to get an end made now, an i have a bit of an idea of what i need, going to be single tack line that exits the fitting and clips back to a mounting point, and a bobstay that loops over the top and connects back to the boat So i am needing to now find someone who can make it if there are any recommendations, preferably in carbon, or on acetal if that is strong enough
  6. most of the good ones never make trademe, there seem to be a few sitting round on there at the moment but I have also had 6-7 queries over the past few months of people looking and asking questions, recently the answer was there was nothing else for sale, but i found out about 2 during the weekend while doing the class champs, neither will make it to trademe but I also lost track of the people who had asked. Still dont know why Rawhide is still on trade me, twice the boat of other examples there, with only some cosmetic work required
  7. have had a number of calls from people looking for 1020's over the past six months, aside from the ones on Trademe I also know of two others that are on the market now, one a very tidy ex class champs boat more cruising orientated now, and the other a more recent multiple class champ boat that is in reasonable condition. if you want more info or owners contact details then PM me.
  8. most 1020's had the 2003 or 2002 if they were factory finished then the 2002 was the most common (18hp) a lot of the home built ones (hull and decks from factory) had the bukh as it was a cheaper option. The class rule state an engine weight of 150kg which was the 18hp volvo weight at the time. The 18hp was a bit under powered and when repowers were done the 2020 (24hp)or the D1 30 (27hp) in later years weighed less and performed better.
  9. 2020B is newer and freshwater cooled, had a 1020 with one in it and the parts were easier to find then my subsequent 2003. But starting to get pretty pricey. as an example heat exchanger ex europe was 5k if it needs fixing, but you can replace with aftermarket. Exhaust elbow is another weak point, cost was over $700 and volvo told me it should last 3-5 years!. that same at one point there was a guy up north wrecking a few of them that was a good source for parts. the 2020 series also have glow plugs that can be useful in the middle of winter
  10. third vote on the parts issue, i replaced my perfectly good 2003 with a new one simply because any spare part you need, if you can find it generally comes out of europe and takes while to get here. On the plus side i got over 3k for it running in the boat, would reach within 100rpm of WOT and didn't smoke but the bolt on bits ruined it
  11. doubt it needs the chain plates strengthened, probably just needed the packer replaced on the port side, if it had a leak and got wet is was quite common for the ply to become weak and then the bolts moved a bit. Simple 10min job to replace with a new bit 10mm thick. Mainly caused by the fact that the bulk head port to starboard is not quite square from the mould.
  12. Dont think you will find race history on it in the last 19 years, it was one of the "Lost" boats in the association i think in that we know it existed but not the owners details as they were not members. of the 151 boats built about 70 are members and the rest they used to try and keep track of so they could approach new owners. the marina network is a handy resource for doing this. But there are plenty of members who will know it from the early days. many of the members would be 60+ with a number in there 70's and 80s so at 48 your a spring chicken, but that has been changing as boats g
  13. as an ex owner (Rawhide) and ex Chairman of the association, it is great to see younger owners getting these boats back in top condition, Great boats and great one design, the 1020 association is a wealth of knowledge, there are many owners who have had there boats for 30+ years. Joining only cost $45 a year and gets access to plenty of technical info on the website You certainly wont regret buying a 1020 over there similar sized and aged boats
  14. The rusty hole is the anchor locker, the other mark (duct tape) is the bottom of the open area i an get to under the anchor locker, if i stick to the solid glass then i can put the tube at about that mark. and glass it back to the boat internally and potentially fill the area around it with glue. Definately planning on getting a cap made up forthe end to tidy it up and five be attachment points for both bobstay and tacklines
  15. my prod is fixed and under a metre long. Same tackline to be used for gennaker and FRO, i am thinking about drilling thorough at the same height but about 50mm further back than the little grey square. from the square forward i can see light through the glass so need to be further back to be in the foam core. This would also mean it is above the sealed section in the bow that i am keen to leave alone
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