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  1. perfect for lifelines, I purchased the wrong size so selling at half the price from burnsco, 27metres $80 pm me if interested
  2. the runners (backstays to the corners) will either terminate at the same height as the forestay, in which case they add forestay tension which should equal height and speed upwind of they terminate at the masthead in which case if you have a backstay as well then they are probably more about mast support when using masthead kites or gennakers
  3. have a TPU tubed inflatable that has developed a pin prick hole, manufacturer of the tubes has no TPU repair kits until the new year, so can i just buy an inflatable repair kit from burnsco? they seem to all be for pvc boats?
  4. and if you need a compresssor or parts for one like the clutch good chance it is the same as used in all the forestry equipment, can be sourced for a quarter of the marine price. Forestaire are a good company in Rotorua, the receptionist there know more than most about the danfoss catalogue and replacement bits and generally had them on the shelf.
  5. plus 1 for oceanair, Dan really knows his stuff and gets to the problems quicker than most, but book now if you want cold xmas beers as generally they are booked a few months out
  6. That is a pet peeve of mine, number of times I have been looking for something urgently and find it showing in stock on a website, only to ring and find it is in stock in Australia and would be shipped from there. In stock should mean I can drive to the shop and pick it up same day!
  7. so it is more like you must get a WOF but the closet garage to AK will be in Hamilton. Westpark, Baywater, Pine harbour all owned by the same guy who must be rubbing his hands together now with the thought of the revenue coming his way. Having recently sold the boat and for the first time in 30 years not owing a boat that requires a marina or haulout I think i timed that about right, now to find a boat to race on where someone else pays all the bills....
  8. not quite the same, they expect you to get a WOF, but then make so that there is only allowed to be 1 garage per 500km of road, bad luck if you live in AK and all WoFs will now be done in Tauranga. That would be a more reasonable comparison on the basis that from Westhaven it would be 2hrs to the closest haulout yard other than floating dock soon? Given Pine Harbour have reduced there hardstand space (and increased the prices accordingly)in recent years and there seems to be a lot less space at HMB now with the extensions where are people planning on doing the maintenance? yes you can g
  9. i have used durapox clear coat, two pot and gives a great finish, havent yet had to take if off though. Can also be used as a clear coat on any other painting you are doing including carbon so seems pretty versatile
  10. sold the boat so now surplus to requirement, $100 with stainless bolts to attach to the marina finger. would have to pick up from either beachlands or highland park could be arranged during work hours
  11. or try Profile metals they do lots of stuff for the marine industry and have a laser cutter
  12. I have two brand new 5m extension cables, these are Volvo parts and plug directly into the OEM plugs to extend the harness if your control panel is too far from the control box. $50 each if they are of interest PM me
  13. I taught my kids from early on, if you can hit it with a bottle then it is too close. so i create the bottles and they prepare them for use, i have found that green bottles have the best range so i tend to stick with them
  14. anyone not using there berth this Saturday night, taking the boat up town, and probably dont need it but would like to have the option to park there from about 6pm to 9pm if i need to. Westhaven apparently not doing rentals at the moment due to a renovation project. happy to pay the going rate for a nightly rental, need minimum 12m
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