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  1. Not a total project but my old boat rawhide is in tm. Better value than any of the cheaper ones there at the moment. PM if you want more details. you won’t buy share delight, azure or watermark at the moment but I have contact details for gizmo and a few others
  2. I am thinking about renaming mine after a great bumber sticker I just saw MAGA - Make Ardern Go Away apparently heaps of cheap crew gear out there already branded in red and white
  3. Same issue as Booboo, not great in forwards and stalled in reverse unless you gave it revs first, according to the last owner the motor always did that, but changing the prop to three bladed folder fixed it. Customer service is great and easy to get parts but I think a 30hp is too small for them
  4. Anyone at a loose end is welcome to come for a sail one or all days. Leaving Opua marina at 8.30 each day. Island racing division so competing and fun. Any experience catered for
  5. last year we were checked while anchored in BOI, had to show the hull clean bit of paper and then a diver when down and checked, then photos taken we we didn't get checked again, Marina staff meet us at the berth to site the haul out form
  6. I did this on Rawhide, went with the isotherm diy package originally, then cut the top of the box and had the copper braised to the back and reinsulated. Cut the power requirement in half and made it an awesome freezer. Total cost was in the 5k Mark
  7. sorry should have mentioned that the 22k included the conversion kit so no boat building was required, new engine mounted onto old engine bed, was a deciding factor in replacing with same manufacturer. although others did offer similar options.
  8. geez and i thought i paid up for install, mine was 22k engine, saildrive, and prop, install was 4k and fridge change about the same
  9. the value of a new motor cannot be overstated, i spent last christmas fighting an old motor because i could not get parts for it, nothing actually wrong with it, ran perfectly, had low hours etc then something broke an being an 1987 motor spare parts were nearly impossible to get and certainly didnt arrive the day after you needed them. Using replacement parts from other manufactures helped but didnt solve the mian issues got rid of it in April, put a new one in and kissed goodbye to 30k but could not be happier. probably added maybe 10k to the value of the boat if i am lucky but the
  10. I had a pink hobie 16 called nipples, when I sold it the guys wife was adament it had do be renamed until he pointed out renaming a boat as bad luck but would let her add another word to the name, after half an hour of suggestions none of which where deemed acceptable she gave up, he bought it and left the name as it was
  11. Will be there for the Worser Bay Optimist Nationals and already taking 2 Optimists and a Large RIB so cant fit the last support boat. ideally 3-4m will be used as a support boat for a Green Fleet Sailor. I have my own 8hp engine I can use if easier. Experienced support boat operator, happy to part with cash or rum. Send me PM if you have an option and I can call to dicuss
  12. go the lazy jacks and normal main, that is what i did on my 1020, that way you can pull the lazy jacks forward to the mast when sailing and fully remove if you want to rave. To Drop just let the halyard go andtidy up alter, hide any imperfections under a main cover
  13. yep it just depends whch way you wind the rope on, i used to do it by accident all the time and would end up with the UV protection on the inside
  14. moving the cooling off the sail drive is fairly common as the holes block up and the on/off valve often seizes, i have only ever had sail drive and all mine have been like that no issue. New had an oil expansion issue, just make sure that the level is correct and it works itself out. Also check oil is not milky as that indicates water getting in the bottom seal. When antifouling crack the drain plug and make sure the first drops out are clean. If you need to to the bottom seal it is a simple DIY job when on the hard.
  15. pine harbour is on a bore so no restrictions on the hard stand or the marina as no mains water. beachlands and maraetai is all tanks so no restrictions either
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