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  1. was on tv1, but was mainly reused footage from a a program put out 11 years ago by CYCA, can see part one of that here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgsp_kHicu8&t=33s
  2. Either swap for a berth in Bay of Islands over the same time or will be available to rent cheap for from late December until early Feb 2025, send me a PM and can work out the details, 12m at Pine harbour. Will need to have appropriate insurance and comply with the Marina rules
  3. plenty of berths at pine harbour are now being rented at "cost" covering opex. There are plenty of empty berths. I have heard of people offering berths for sale super cheap to get out as opex it is so expensive. I guess at some point the market forces will determine if the pricing is correct. My understanding is that you can walk away and forfeit the berth which there must be owners considering, is that not possible at Hobsonville?
  4. wasnt there when we visited in Feb but was close, what was more surprising was no fuel, could not get resource consent, that is a lot of boats that have to travel for fuel
  5. Works perfectly did have a new clutch abut 3 years ago, Lug c on the body has broken so we could no longer mount it on the bracket we had. If your mounting doesn't need this then it will work fine. $200
  6. thanks for all the replies, will do some shopping and testing on scale models
  7. going to be starting the experimentation on building a rudder stock, rudder and centreboard for a Farr 3.7. Will get foam for the centreboard and rudder to create a shape first then cover with carbon, so question is what weight/type of carbon would you use? and how many layers. and the follow up question is what is the easiest/cheapest way to setup a vacumn bagging arrangement, any tips as i have heard it is the way to go with making these
  8. my son is nearly done doing up an old Farr 3.7 and currently the sail he has is only just servicable, looking or a better option if any one has an old sail in the garage that is in better shape, can be funded with either cash or rum
  9. Surplus to requirements, was retubed by Dolphin inflatables in 2019, not patches, but does lose air over a number of months, we used to pump it up once a season. Towing bridle and dinghy wheels, seat and set of wooden oars. $1500
  10. if it is just the bearing then it is easily replaceable, undo the clip at the back to get the cable detached, then unclip the unit and bring it to the deck. undo the nut at the bottom and remove the bearing. It is most likely part number 213-10-038. Be careful removing the cable as they are very hard to source if you break it. But i have a brand new bearing still in the box which is surplus to requirements that i can sell to you for $100 (half what i paid for it and without the 3 week wait)
  11. my MDI lasted 5hrs, after getting towed back in and some helpful advice from others with the same issue, i got Ovlov down to replace under warranty, they told me they had never seen it before, i let them know that google would disagree. What has always intrigued me is that they replaced my battery cables as part of the install, apparently it is recommend by Volvo. I was happy i had when it died as they did try to blame it on other things in the boat and i reminded them that they did the install an i agreed to all there recommendations. I had the "safety button" on alligator clips
  12. went back to man o war for the first time in a few year, 1 choice of beer only, $11 served in a can not even a glass, i think is taking the piss! literally. wont be emptying my wallet there in a hurry again, used to be a regular fixture on the boating calendar
  13. perfect for lifelines, I purchased the wrong size so selling at half the price from burnsco, 27metres $80 pm me if interested
  14. the runners (backstays to the corners) will either terminate at the same height as the forestay, in which case they add forestay tension which should equal height and speed upwind of they terminate at the masthead in which case if you have a backstay as well then they are probably more about mast support when using masthead kites or gennakers
  15. have a TPU tubed inflatable that has developed a pin prick hole, manufacturer of the tubes has no TPU repair kits until the new year, so can i just buy an inflatable repair kit from burnsco? they seem to all be for pvc boats?
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