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  1. try the rigger at Opua Marina, can remember the name of the guy but he used to have heaps of old furlex spares
  2. so long as your boat doesn't have a cabin, if it does then you have to race with someone from your household, that might make it interesting!
  3. thanks for that will check out the coil options
  4. been using my daily exercise time to vist the boat during lockdown, running the motor occasionally, today when i did it and flick on the freezer to give the gase a cycle through i noticed the motor labour more than normal, then noticed that the amp meter go off the chart, turn the freezer switch returned it to normal, checked all wiring/earth etc, ran it again and same result. No blown fuses, wires are cold, compressor seems to be running fine and pipes were getting cold so seems to be operating normally, What else could cause a spike in amps used? Googling offers up mechanical options
  5. probably not the only clutch, i have always had two, when racing or cruising it just makes it easier. bowperson can hoist from the mast and the the halyard is jammed with no input from the cockpit. once finished pull the halyard through the aft jammer and release the one at the mast. Then the cockpit can control the drop. The key is getting the one on the mast at the right height, needs to be high to it can be hoisted easily, but not too high it is hard to unjam. I have mine just over 7ft off the deck so it is a stretch to open. Drill and tap, try and avoid bits sticking into the
  6. Fuel Pump is defintely for a 2003. Impellor number is 21951342, which in googling was for a 2003, anodes number is 3858399 which refres only to 2-3 bladed folding props which i still have so going to hold onto those for now. All the parts I purchased for the 2003 had to come out of the UK, you want to try and find someone that is wrecking one and take what you can get
  7. Cleaned out the garage Fuel Pump is for a 2003 or MD2020 if you know what your one looks like i can compare pictures recondiitoned 3x Glow plugs for MD2020 (New) 1 litre Volvo Coolant concentrate (Green) for MD 2020 (new) Impellor Part number 21951342 think it is for a 2003 (new) Anodes for a volvo 120S (new) And a gas connection for a Magma BBQ to run of the blue portable gas containers Take you pick for a bottle of rum, take the lot for 2
  8. I would agree, I may have a boat, but i dont have sky, or a big TV, plus although i own my own home i dont have a heat source and couldn't rent it out even if i want to as it doesn't meet the healthy homes standards, but I know how to open a window and am prepared to not watch TV and put on a jumper when it gets cold so i can own a boat. So i must be rich...
  9. One of the galvinised types that attached to the side of the marina, if you have one lying around let me know
  10. Here is what mine looks like about 30cm long, second photo not good but the shackle actually goes through a tube, assuming to stop the bar swivelling?
  11. do you need a metre? my one on a sock is about 30cm. Straight stainless bar with swivels on each end. halyard on one end head of kite on the other. I am out that way if you want to try it out to then figure out where to source one from. Or i can take a picture to show you the fitting
  12. a lathe i have, what i dont have at the moment is the knowledge of the materials, but acetal seems to be the go to product for this sort of thing
  13. so i am ready to get an end made now, an i have a bit of an idea of what i need, going to be single tack line that exits the fitting and clips back to a mounting point, and a bobstay that loops over the top and connects back to the boat So i am needing to now find someone who can make it if there are any recommendations, preferably in carbon, or on acetal if that is strong enough
  14. most of the good ones never make trademe, there seem to be a few sitting round on there at the moment but I have also had 6-7 queries over the past few months of people looking and asking questions, recently the answer was there was nothing else for sale, but i found out about 2 during the weekend while doing the class champs, neither will make it to trademe but I also lost track of the people who had asked. Still dont know why Rawhide is still on trade me, twice the boat of other examples there, with only some cosmetic work required
  15. have had a number of calls from people looking for 1020's over the past six months, aside from the ones on Trademe I also know of two others that are on the market now, one a very tidy ex class champs boat more cruising orientated now, and the other a more recent multiple class champ boat that is in reasonable condition. if you want more info or owners contact details then PM me.
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