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  1. Will be there for the Worser Bay Optimist Nationals and already taking 2 Optimists and a Large RIB so cant fit the last support boat. ideally 3-4m will be used as a support boat for a Green Fleet Sailor. I have my own 8hp engine I can use if easier. Experienced support boat operator, happy to part with cash or rum. Send me PM if you have an option and I can call to dicuss
  2. go the lazy jacks and normal main, that is what i did on my 1020, that way you can pull the lazy jacks forward to the mast when sailing and fully remove if you want to rave. To Drop just let the halyard go andtidy up alter, hide any imperfections under a main cover
  3. yep it just depends whch way you wind the rope on, i used to do it by accident all the time and would end up with the UV protection on the inside
  4. moving the cooling off the sail drive is fairly common as the holes block up and the on/off valve often seizes, i have only ever had sail drive and all mine have been like that no issue. New had an oil expansion issue, just make sure that the level is correct and it works itself out. Also check oil is not milky as that indicates water getting in the bottom seal. When antifouling crack the drain plug and make sure the first drops out are clean. If you need to to the bottom seal it is a simple DIY job when on the hard.
  5. pine harbour is on a bore so no restrictions on the hard stand or the marina as no mains water. beachlands and maraetai is all tanks so no restrictions either
  6. boat not coming out just the rig at the gantry at Bucks, scheduled for the 14th at this stage
  7. Whole lot is coming out I was giving to a rigger who has always sorted me out for part but you can take what you want for a bottle of rum, if you need to check it out prior boat is at pine hrbour
  8. i have decided to replace the whole lot so a bottle of Mt gay will probably get you all the parts you need, should be getting removed mid september at Bucks. send me a PM if interest with your number and i will give you a call
  9. or move to tank supply, i am still only 2min to the marina and i currently have 51000l spilling into the drains it has rained so much in auckland recently. Rigged up a 500l container in the back of the ute with a submersible pump and 100m hose an and good to go
  10. got brand new in the box impeller and saildrive annodes (the three piece set) plus a second hand fuel pump, happy to swap for a bottle of Mt Gay as none if it is any use to me anymore
  11. dont suppose you kept the old one, i would be keen to "rent" it or buy the new one if you dont want it, i am going to replace with a new furler so looking for something to last until then
  12. yeah that one, have updated the title
  13. specifically part number 505-508 which is the metal feeder, anyone got one they want to swap for a bottle of rum?
  14. Cheapest 1020 I have seen is 40k, but normally 60ish for a reasonable one. Main thing with them is engine and sails. The association often knows of boats for sale and hat are not on trademe, not all boats make it there
  15. if you want the security of a solid boat with ability to race and keep up, budget allowing go for a 1020, will do both well, better cruising boat than an 88 due to its volume yet still plenty to race with and being class boats only need a couple of sails
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