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  1. That might exclude more people of advancing years, rather than boats with no ‘traditional’ accomodation. Plenty of space in a sport boat cockpit. I’m also not coming to your Foiling Moth regatta.
  2. I’m not well versed in the politics of the NZTYA, but I think this apartment distinction of ‘sport trailer yacht’ somewhat muddies the water. My understanding is you are either accepted as a TY (and comply with the TY rules, including outboard size), or you don’t. Sure, some that are accepted are more sporty than others - the Elders, Thompson’s, The Boss, Unleashed etc. but they are accepted as TY’s, have a rating, and a required min outboard size. The rest, don’t/aren’t measured, so aren’t (currently) considered TY’s - they may be yachts that live on trailers, but TY is actually a class, with
  3. It is an Elder, yes. Having been well involved in the latest 2 Elder capsizing events, I can say they weren’t overly the boats fault. In the latest one, winds of over 60 knots were recorded. The boat had sailed through sever of such gusts at the point it was decided to pull the pin. The boat was hit by a further gust, side on, with both sails partially down, and no steerage. A R780 capsized, a Thompson was swamped, and a mast or two broken. 14(?) MOB’s. The previous capsize, the boat was hit with a 40+ knot gust, with someone with little experience briefly on the helm while other job
  4. You need to really enjoy the after party to find them acceptable to sleep on.
  5. Not sure how much help this will be. But here is the setup I had. Blue halyard is the jib and its fine tune. Yellow with black in the clutch under the cabin top is the main halyard. The black halyard only visible at the bottom right of the mast post is the kite halyard, running back to come out of the cockpit floor, with the pole out line. This was before the fine tune for 0’s. There is also a wire and winch on the post for forestay tension. Hope you sort your problem
  6. Different direction than your considering, but my previous boat, a sports boat, had all halyards out the bottom of the mast, just an open hole of ~1.5”, through a matching hole in the mast base, to turning blocks attached to the mast post. Main halyard stayed inside, other ran through exit sheave on the cabin top, and back to the cockpit. Could you remove all your mast foot sheaves and copy that? It also allowed for a fine tune on the jib halyard, and one for the kite halyard to tension code 0’s.
  7. I doubt many people are pulling windows out of Easterly 30’s (or any other design) that are in a state you’d want to be re-using them. Especially, as IT says, as they are not that dare new.
  8. I’m in the process of replacing windows on a Noelex. I have taken them all out, and will take them to a place that deals with Perspex and have them cut a new set, then I will refit - using the right type of sealant, or possibly tape (fault with the existing windows - the wrong sealant was used and it let go and they all leaked) If your not in a position to have all the windows out for several days, maybe buy a sheet of Perspex, remove, cut and refit one at a time yourself? Unless your windows are glass, then I assumed you’d need to remove them and take them to a glass place to be cop
  9. Ouch. I brought their ‘last one’ a couple of years ago too - that was dealing straight with Navico as I’m a Navico dealer. It does seem very strange these are not a common spare part, especially as the TP’s are a current item. I might talk to them again. I have subsequently found the plug, socket and cap from the original manufacturer, which are available as seperate items at comparatively very reasonable prices. They just need the power and NMEA wires soldered to them (could even do a devicenet plug rather than the simnet plug I suppose) - not hard. Sorry I didn’
  10. Hi s this for when you’re on the boat, or away from it? Will the lower holes be at the very bottom edge to stop water accumulating between the sheets? Depending how much you want, not sure that setup will allow much airflow, especially if there is no other opening into the cabin.
  11. The 4 numbers it gave are the % of the total height of the tank you entered (370), at which the tank is 20, 40, 60 and 80 % full. So at 31% of the 370 deep, the tank is 20% full. As for the operation, if you’re confident you connected and wrote the programming to the sender correctly - you should be able to connect and read your settings back off it, then you might need to start with a volt meter and check what’s happening at the relevant wires.
  12. Thanks DP. So it’s as simple as the horn toots when the button is pressed? Yes HT, but my task isn’t related to what ‘real sailors’ might do. It’s to find a new horn / horn system for the new boat. Sound signals are quite useful, and I’d like the system used to be both loud, thus clearly audible from a distance, in a breeze, and no more taxing on the committee boat crew than reasonably necessary
  13. What are the clubs using as start boat horns? Loud haulers? Chrome horns? Anyone know of a club using something a bit smarter in terms of automatic 5, 4, 1 go signals? Such as the Autohoot, sailbot, Ollie Horn or Regatta Pro Start? I’m trying to find the best option for a new boat being built for the club I belong to. It would be nice to find a locally available option for automated tooting. Shy of importing something from the US or EU, or making a tone generator for a loud hailer myself, it’s hard to see a good option, other than just a pair of horns and a button.
  14. mattm

    Jorgensen boats

    As I understand, it was purchased by the developer. If you buy a section in the development, it comes with the right to access and use the wharf, which they have done a significant amount of work to repair. I think there is also a council bylaw that says anyone is allowed to load / unload passengers onto any private wharf. If you were to do that onto the x Jorgies wharf, you’d have to walk down the beach to the road, as you wouldn’t be allowed access across the private land that was the yard.
  15. I think there have been lengthy discussions on here about the guy selling that Raven too.... someone saying he was a bit dodgy - buying broken boats, making dodgy repairs and selling them as good, or something similar. Be(extra)ware maybe.
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