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Do we have BOAT AUCTIONS in Bew Zealand?

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I google boat auctions in New Zealand and crickets.

Just wondering if the boat sales market includes the option of buying at auction.

I guess boats might be auctioned online or together with other goods.

Whatever the case does anyone have advice on how I might purchase a boat at auction in NZ?


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Thanks for the reply, I guess the market may not be robust enough for boat auctions. Now I know more about the market.

I will visit Facebook daily and look at trade me often.

I have 2 months to travel and explore the north island, I hope by visiting marinas and talking to people in person I might encounter the best opportunities to buy the right well maintained 35 to 40' yacht.

Perhaps I might meet someone who is retiring from sailing and wants to pass their pride and joy to a responsible buyer without having to go through the hassle of selling it on the market.

What do you think, would it be a waste of time touring around looking for a boat?

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I am coming to Tauranga, and would like to meet you.

My price range is 20 to 35 K 

Yea Trade me might be a good place to snatch a boat at a good price.

I would love to attend a real boat auction the old fashioned way, they still do it in USA.

I will let you know when I make arrangements to come to Tauranga.


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