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Satellite images on iPad

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Wondering who’s invented this wheel

Off to Tonga and Fiji this winter and mostly for Fiji I’m wanting the best option for either overlay or seperate device displaying google earth or similar images on my iPad 

No I don’t want to get an android and like my iPad as it’s simple like me, been googling this for a while and they get technical and start saying download to your laptop bla bla bla 

Don’t mind paying for an app, but which one works, navionics only show’s images on land or where it thinks the reefs are but we all know that in Fiji there not usually where the chart says

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 Ovitalmap was fantastic. Free , easy and faultless  in the 17 and 19 trips we made to those places. The only area it was out was around Albert cove on Rabi, but of course thats the 180 degree longtitude line and lots of systems go a bit goofy around there. Down to the GE more than the program I think.

But it used google earth or bing images and they were shut down, I assume due to copywrite or similar reasons, or the marine charting guild has had it closed so they can selI it. I haven't tried to boot it up this year but it was dead on my devices and the app had disappeared from lists.

So I'd be interested to hear of a replacement or what cruisers are doing now.

Incidently , we had it on android and ipad and a phone with no trouble on either platform.

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