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  1. Hi Southerman, https://www.multihulltramps.com.au/ We used Gordon, he does an awesome job, ours are dyneema, and were roughly 4k about 4 years ago, and they still look and feel brand new. Stock shapes for a Farrier might be slightly cheaper, as ours were custom made
  2. Se tried one of those two burner westinghouse induction cookers on our boat for a while, we have 360Ah Lithiums at 12v and used a 3000w inverter, and yup 95sq mm cable less than a metre long. It pulled 200A... so you can do the math on that, we took it out and went back to gas. With a big bank and good gear, maybe at 48v and lots of charging capability would work, but we are just too small. That cooker was noisy as hell too, weird cyclic buzzing sound that got on our nerves lol
  3. As an aside, this is what I use to attach our bridle to the anchor chain, tie this with a 8mm dyneema loop, then a big soft shackle trough it and the bridle eyes. Holds to the chain like sh*t to a blanket
  4. Well we have just gone through this whole palava after our previous company (effectively Lloyd's of London) in their wisdom decided that multi-hulls are something they wont insure any longer. I spent a day or two sending out multiple applications via websites, emails etc etc to almost 30 companies and brokers in NZ and Australia, and the odd one in the US without any success at all. Not good when potentially our marina could ask us to leave because we would be uninsured. Even 3rd party was out of the question. This resulted in my wife getting on the case, and actually calling them al
  5. OvitalMap, or if you want full charting, weather etc etc Tziboat for Ipad is awesome
  6. Ladyhawk


    Yup I built our system with CALB cells and a Tao BMS. We also have HVC/LVC contactors that can be remote manually operated if needed. TaoBMS is an awesome unit
  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/listing/3881347807
  8. https://marinehowto.com/drop-in-lifepo4-be-an-educated-consumer/ Another substantial article from Rod Collins about drop in LFP's Good to see him back on deck after his stroke too
  9. Bay Insurance is who we are with, they said if we either let our policy lapse, or change circumstances greatly, ie move to a swing mooring, no cover. I get the feeling they dont want to insure anymore multi's, they only continue to cover us because we have an existing policy. But by all means give them a call and let us know what they say
  10. Weve had the same problem, Bay Insurance Brokers told us if we cancelled our policy, or changed our circumstances in pretty much any way, like move it to a mooring, we'd not get insurance at all again.
  11. I have a brand new Victron200a Argofet splitter for sale if you go that route $214+gst new, $150 its yours https://victronenergy.co.nz/collections/battery-management-and-monitoring/products/fet-isolator-with-alternator-energiser-terminal-argo-2002-fet-2-batteries-200a-1
  12. Yes I'm going through this exercise at the moiment, I went away from dropins, actually they werent even considered seriously because of the downsides. Ive built a pack from CALB 180 Ahr cells, 2P4S for a 360 Ahr battery. But thats the easy bit. Ive got a Wakespeed WS500 reg for a Compass Marine 200A Alt. Again a resonably easy bit. TAO BMS to look after it all, 3 big contactors, 2 x Midnite Kid solar controllers with current shunt charge termination control. I wil be charging my start batt from the old stock alt, so I'll kinda have 2 separate systems. Voltage spikes etc are taken care of
  13. I got almost exactly this from C-Tech... half a boat dollar or thereabouts https://www.c-tech.co.nz/home
  14. Talk to C-Tech, Ive had a tube made by them, reasonable price, beautiful piece of carbon too. They do have stock sizes as well. To be fair though, ours wasn't 5m long though https://www.c-tech.co.nz/contact
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