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What's the excel formula to find the TWA for the legs ahead?

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This is proving to be a bit harder than I thought.  Or maybe I've lost a few brain cells lately.

During a longer type race I what know the TWA for the legs ahead.  For sail selection purposes. 
I want to enter the TWD as the varible. The course heading for the leg has already been entered.  Press enter and out spits the TWA.
The difficulty is having the answer as a port or starboard tack (+ or -) less than 180deg.
Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thank you.

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Haha - resolving the excel formula logic has always confused me so much, I've always just worked out the next leg TWA in my head.

I do keep course cards (printed & laminated) onboard with the leg headings on them. Then I can spend all day strategizing about the next leg. Also gives me a good feel if the wind veers or backs a tad if a particular sail will be a bit marginal or not.

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