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  1. Attached is the product data sheet. I think the terms here may have different meanings to what we are used to. The supplier is asking the manufacturer in China to confirm my questions. I'm expecting a response on Monday, or early next week. Aside from that, what gear do you use for a normal equilisation charge IT? JPC12-100-DS.pdf
  2. How to make a bomb, and other battery charging questions. What equipment do you use to give lead acid batteries an equilisation charge? Specifically a charger you can accurately specify the voltage and current so you don't make a bomb? We currently have flooded lead acid batteries for the house bank, and they appear to have shat themselves, due to various reasons. We have never equalized them, despite the recommendation being to do it monthly. The main reason being all the other recommendations on how to do it safely and properly. I'm now looking at new house batts that require
  3. Councils send strongly worded letter, oh, and ask for money. North Island councils combine in urgent call to govt for caulerpa support North Island councils combine in urgent call to govt for caulerpa support | RNZ News
  4. It is surprising easy to bend perspex yourself. Just heat it up a bit (to less that 120 c I think, so it doesn't bubble) and bend it. That said, that is for 2 dimensional things like folds and curves. A 3D item like a dome would take a lot more work. I expect you'd need to make a mould, and would need a way of controlling the heat / temp accurately. So there would be benefits in getting the pros to do it. I've discussed making perspex dodgers with one of these outfits. They actually use an old pizza oven to heat large / long sheets, then drape it over a mould / frame of the shape dodger
  5. Yeah, I was just working on my spin abilities, trying to take two turds and come up with a shiny happy outcome. Here is a thought / question. If it leaks, NRC are responsible for clean up? Lets assume it leaks slowly, i.e. not a catastrophic failure but small bits at a time. Does NRC have all the gear and resources to deal with it leaking slowly? i.e. booms, boats, dispersant, the marine equivalent of vacuum cleaners to gather it up etc? And of course the monitoring programme in place to get across it before it lands on the Poor Knights? Also, lets hope NRC are slightly more ont
  6. Hang on, wont the oil from the Niagra kill the caulerpa, and our caulerpa problem will be solved? I work for the govt, and this is clearly infallible logic
  7. Or just instructions on how to clean your anchor. The 'throw it back' assumes people can see it, and are inspecting their anchor and chain. They say a tiny rhizom can spread and grow very quickly. You may not be able to see it, or may have a remote anchor control. So why not advise if we can use a washdown on the anchor and chain? Maybe a little spray bottle of bleach in the anchor locker? or dish-wash soap, or some other household cleaning product. I read the divers at the barrier wash all their gear in a foaming soap wash, apparently that kills it. I'd be more than happy to keep a
  8. That is a very good example of the basic issue with YNZ Psyche (at the risk of getting political). They appear super capable with comms specialists. A weekly / fortnightly news-email with so many stories to read. But no actual advocacy. In your example, they have loads of content, but all from someone else. Given their national status as representing boaties, I would like / expect them to release a Public Statement saying: 1) There is no evidence boaties have spread caulerpa (cause there is no evidence, it is just a theory) 2) It is just as likely it is from the aquarium tr
  9. K4309


    The easiest way to come up with a set of rudimentary polars is to get an ORC handicap certificate. The certificate comes with design polars for your boat. They aren't going to be as flash or accurate as the boat designers polars for a modern GP racer, but to enable basic weather routing for a middle aged NZ cruiser they are ideal. I don't know what they cost now, I did mine about a decade ago, and it was maybe $100. Substantially cheaper than the nonsense with IRC. The below link is a current certificate for a First 50 based in Aust. Shows you the level of detail you can get. Just ty
  10. That is my point. But aren't they only in charge of Olympic medals? I guess I was using 'the lowest form of wit' to highlight the shortcommings of YNZ. Given the existential threat to hardstands and haulout facilities nationally, AYBA are doing the heavy lifting on that in Auckland, and they get something like $3.56 in my annual club subs, while YNZ get something like $40 or $50. Entirely ineffective organisation with a 'job for life' CEO.
  11. If only we could get all our boating clubs to join together in some sort of Federation...
  12. Oh I fully agree. That the govt f**ks around spending moonbeams trying to control nature, being all these invasive species, when they have something here with the Niagra that could actually control, but don't, because it doesn't fall within the remit of any of the govt silos. These invasive species is just nature being nature. Things change, species come, species go. It is right up there with trying to control the weather. That is what everyone is trying to do with the whole concept of 'tackling climate change'
  13. What are you going to do with 8kW on a boat? Light up the Sky Tower? The biggest stereo and cocktail blender might nudge 3 or 4 kW max Most batteries can't take more than 40 odd amps anyway
  14. Ah, but oil from the Niagra is not a biosecurity incursion. So Biosecurity NZ aren't responsible. And its nothing to do with Primary Industries, so the Ministry or Primary Industries aren't interested either. Fairly sure that NRC aren't responsible UNTIL oil leaks. Until then, the oil is the responsibility of the ship owner. Oh, and as it was sunk in an act of war, insurance wont cover it. So someone needs to trot off and find the ships owner, and convince them to salvage the oil before its too late. But as you see, our fractionated and siloed bureaucracy wont deal with it.
  15. I wouldn't worry about it. I'm no expert, but I do like spear fishing and snorkelling around anchorages. Caulerpa (according to the photos) is a fine leafed algae. Not like echlonia which has thicker rubbery leaves (but not that big). echlonia is the sea weed that is brown / golden and has thick stalks about 1 to 2 feet long. Washes up after storms. Only grows on rocks so not an issue for anchoring. I.e. caulerpa is the complete opposite of things like bull kelp that grow in thick, leathery leaves, the type of thing I imagine would stop an anchor pick setting into a sand or mud bottom. It
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