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Kalik 40 Sailboat (Gary Mull) Owners & Info

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I am in the market looking for a new boat and I have came across a Kalik 40 sailboat for sale in my region and am looking for information and owners. As I have noticed that there is very little info online on these sailboats. I have found the saildata page of course as well but what I am looking for is peoples sailing experience with them, in particular offshore and ocean passages. It seems that these boats are from NZ originally and there a several in my region and I have found they can be found all over the world so obviously they have made such sails and passages. I am looking mainly for actual knowledge of both sailing capabilities in these areas as well as build construction as it seems they are prone to soft decks and the one I am looking at has some decking issues but wont know the true extent till I view th boat today, but they sound very repairable from our conversation. Any info would help.

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Hi SV Odysseus,

The  Kalik 40 is a 12.1 m monohull sailboat designed by Gary Mull and built by Kyung-Il Yacht (KOREA) between 1979 and 1981. The same design was also called CONCEPT 40. or OCEAN 40.

The New Zealand built version based on a similar design is known as Chico 40/42, and around 25 hulls were built by Keith Eade in the early to mid 80's. The NZ boats were built to ABYC standard and are still considered a very strong, sound, capable and comfortable yacht for offshore passages. Hull construction is sandwich with foam core, decks are also sandwich construction with balsa core localised ply wood core for high load points.  The design is now over 40 years old so performance is unremarkable compared to newer designs. The Chico 42 is the same hull but with a sugar scoop stern/boarding platform.

The NZ Navy still have 3 immaculate examples of the Chico 40.

We have owned our Chico 42 for 11 years,  lived aboard for the last 5 years and covered quite a few miles around the NZ coast.



Mercury Islands.jpg

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To my eye the Kalik is quite different to the Chico 40/ 42. Its clearly built to a different rule with much more pinched ends .Put Second Chance beside Carenza if you can find it and its very obvious. . Still a great boat like any Mull , different animals.

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