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  1. Took my Robertson HLD2000 hydraulic auto pilot in to Active Engineering. They couldn't have been more helpful. All fixed up within three days and working as good as new, Should last for another 30 years. Thanks IT for your recommendation.
  2. Thanks for your good advice IT. I spoke to Active and they can do it after 6 January. Merry Xmas.
  3. Hi our Robertson HLD2000 hydraulic auto pilot just dumped its fluid into the bilge. Probably a blown seal. Anyone know who might repair or service these units. Simrad used to sell them but it’s now discontinued.
  4. Did you know that the original owner of Copellia was Phil Hartley, Murray’s ( Arbitare) father.
  5. yes, you can phone order to the Countdown in Picton. They then put it on Cougar Line or Mail boat and it can be dropped of on a wharf in a convenient bay on their route.
  6. Farina


    you should get a small laminate router with a 4 or 5mm cutting bit. get a scrap of timber with a straight edge that you can gently nail down with furniture brads the trick is to set the depth to about 3mm, the hardest part is to work out the offset from the straight edge to the cutting blade. then run the router along the straight edge and job done mask up apply sika primer then sika. when set just run a sharp blade along to remove excess then a gentle sand
  7. IT this is identical to our experience. We had a 2003T in our chico 42. one day it started to overheat. We replaced it with a d2-55 and have never regretted it. But we also found that the problem was the cap on the filler tank bottle. a new filler cap solved the problem. the piece of rubber might be of the filler cap. We sold the engine to a friend in Wellington, who has done some work to it and it is now in a shed in wellington, and is running sweetly. so for $16k we got a new filler cap and a free engine. !!!! Our heat exchanger and oil cooler were also pretty dodgy when we pulled t
  8. Farina

    iPad GPS

    Yes you can connect to GPS with an old ipad. You need a bad elf gps. [www.bad-elf.com]. That will connect you to GPS Satellites and GLONAS. what type of connection does your ipad have? if its the old original wide connection, I have a bad-elf that will fit.
  9. I sailed on this boat in wellington back in 1987. Its not an IOR death roller. Its quite wide in the stern and could get up and plane in the right conditions. I believe it has the wellington young 11 bulb keel that was fitted to flying boat, arbitrage etc. The main feature of the old IOR death rollers was a very pinched stern, tall thin mainsail, and masthead rig. The moment you wound the pole back things got really hairy really quickly.
  10. Farina


    We have Schaeffer 3100 on our Chico 42.
  11. And here is the actual thru hull.
  12. with a really light southerly, cloud cover, and nw running tide, there wont be much apparent wind along the south coast
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