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  1. Sorry it’s gone. It was free to a good home. We replaced it with a new Force 10 which has a bigger oven.
  2. Serada 3 Burner Stove and Oven for sale. All in working order and compliant with NZ Gas regs.
  3. 3AF1143F-4DF2-4041-A923-F7EFF4C72C85.MOV
  4. Hi SV Odysseus, The Kalik 40 is a 12.1 m monohull sailboat designed by Gary Mull and built by Kyung-Il Yacht (KOREA) between 1979 and 1981. The same design was also called CONCEPT 40. or OCEAN 40. The New Zealand built version based on a similar design is known as Chico 40/42, and around 25 hulls were built by Keith Eade in the early to mid 80's. The NZ boats were built to ABYC standard and are still considered a very strong, sound, capable and comfortable yacht for offshore passages. Hull construction is sandwich with foam core, decks are also sandwich construction with balsa core
  5. We have a Chico 42 with exactly the same pedestal. The pedestal is an Edison 402? Contact the guys at So-Pac. there are some diagrams on the internet. Just a sanity check, is your autopilot turned off or disconnected?
  6. Yamaha F2.5 4 Stroke.. These engines are very sensitive to dirty fuel. The idle jets are tiny. Last Christmas I drained the tank, cleaned the mesh filter and blew out the jets four times before it would run reliably.
  7. Farina

    At Governor's Bay

    Thats my dinghy!
  8. Talk to the guys at James Nilsson. They were able to sell us a reversing motor. Now we can power down and up.
  9. Took my Robertson HLD2000 hydraulic auto pilot in to Active Engineering. They couldn't have been more helpful. All fixed up within three days and working as good as new, Should last for another 30 years. Thanks IT for your recommendation.
  10. Thanks for your good advice IT. I spoke to Active and they can do it after 6 January. Merry Xmas.
  11. Hi our Robertson HLD2000 hydraulic auto pilot just dumped its fluid into the bilge. Probably a blown seal. Anyone know who might repair or service these units. Simrad used to sell them but it’s now discontinued.
  12. Did you know that the original owner of Copellia was Phil Hartley, Murray’s ( Arbitare) father.
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