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  1. I could be wrong, but had a funny feeling peidy's could get an exemption for lifelines as they are classic - that was a few years ago that I heard that so might have changed
  2. copied and pasted from the YNZ website.... link here: https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/news/service-requirements-inflatable-lifejackets
  3. thought this was interesting from YNZ - something to consider (I hadn't) if needing a CAT 3 inspection - getting lifejackets serviced by an agent and needing the service certificate adds cost and complication (no argument from me that you need to be sure its going to work...) but a little more challenging for us in the regions The servicing of inflatable lifejackets can create some confusion, particularly when a yacht inspector asks for the current service certificate. The Safety Regulations of Sailing specify that all equipment must be serviced in accordance with the manufact
  4. we use Nautical Insurance who have been good to deal with - - no claims yet though, and previously Mariner who we did a claim through several year ago no problem. they were quite a bit more expensive when we got the new boat, hence the move to Nautical. two different boats, both on swing moorings at times, although now in an marina
  5. have just been through the same. Was going to be $550 to replace the batteries in my ACR global fix (arguably a better EPIRB with global coverage, not just NZ/OZ) for a 5 year battery. Instead purchased an Ocean Signal rescue-me for $399 with a 10 year battery. both with GPS etc. no brainer for what I need (sadly)
  6. I have the foam / sika setup on my Y88 with an SD20/2YM15 setup. Was like that when I brought it - had never had a sail drive before and got a bit of a fright when i pulled the boat out of the water the first time to find no boot. Has been like that since the engine was installed in '05. Got some advise, and used Sikaflex 291 as the sealant when I re did it. Seems to be fine, although getting a smooth finish was a bit challenging (but that's just me...). just antifouled over the top and seems OK 14 months later. We also have propspeed on the SD leg and its still in great nic after 1
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