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Garmin GPS parts

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I have a Garmin handheld GPSmap60Cx, a wonderful wee unit that has worked marvelously all around the world for almost 20 years. That is, until I put new batteries in it yesterday. It lit up, then went dark. The problem / failure turned out to be one of the metal battery terminals had broken at the "spring hinge" point. Looking online Garmin do not seem to have spares. (if they ever did?) Is there anyone with one of these that has failed, though not from a failed battery terminal, and that they still have it in their pile of once useful bits and pieces. Please PM me if you can help.

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4 hours ago, MartinRF said:

I have a 60C (bought in 2004 if memory serves) but can't help you as it still works and is used.


Thanks for the reply Martin, Around the same age as mine. I am going to miss it if I cannot find a replacement part, or repair it. There is a useful online clip telling you how to remove the parts for replacement, but no mention of availability. And Garmin say no parts! Just be aware that apparently this breakage is apparently quite common.

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