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  1. That was what we used in our fresh water tank when I did my military service in the Swedish navy 40 years ago. I don't remember the dosage but we always added some when filling water tanks. Hydrogen peroxide was also part of the fuel for some torpedo models but that is another story. /Martin
  2. Not arguing against that. I just wanted to highlight that clutch performance depends on the line. More than I thought a few years ago. /Martin
  3. Clutch holding depends a lot on the line. /Martin
  4. Seems low to me. Anyway, halyards are about low stretch not breaking strength. /Martin
  5. Sorry for being so brief. I was about to leave for work. That climbing HW mostly made from high strength aluminum alloys. A friend of mine owns a Tornado. He is also a climber so knows about this type of gear. He noticed the excellent strength to weight ratio and thought "Why not use this on my boat?" He checked with his brother-in-law who is a pro climber and importer of climbing gear to Sweden. Brother-in-law said "Bad idea". Corrosion kills these alloys in no time and then they crumble under load. Swimming with that gear is probably OK if you rinse it afterwards but storing it in
  6. Keep in mind that those things are not corrosion resistant. /Martin
  7. I use a bowline knot for my jib halyard since 2+ decades. For spi I want something with a swivel so not knotted. If I ever convert my main halyard to 2:1 it will be knotted to the mast top. /Martin
  8. MartinRF


    Reminds me of: My first GPS, a hand-held unit bought in 1997, eventually started to behave erratically some twenty years ago. At first the display was bad and then did not show anything. The device was way out of warranty and I am an electrical engineer working for a major telecom company. We have decent labs... But how do I get into the device? I was stumped. I contacted Garmin, told them who I was, where I worked and what I wanted to do. I was actually given the email of one of their technicians/engineers in the U.S. and he told me how to open the device and wished me good luck.
  9. This Sunday: I cleaned bottoms from some green algae on Saturday using my secondary method. The ease of cleaning has not changed over time. The bottoms are clean save for a two small patches I missed. The paint look 100% intact and the mildly hydrophobic behavior is restored after each cleaning. I would guess it would work for at least another season as is. I will, however apply a fresh layer of paint hoping I will achieve a smoother finish this time. /Martin
  10. Life is very opportunistic. /Martin
  11. I will know nothing about that until April or May. There will be an update if I observe anything interesting when the boat leaves the water for this season in a few weeks time. /Martin
  12. My plan was to wait till after the boat was out of the water. In short: Works as advertised by which I mean, yes things grow but they are really easily removed. This includes barnacles. I can't just brush them off but a mild nudge with a finger is all that is needed. I have had to clean the boat more but since the work has been easier the sum of work is roughly the same. The only disappointment is how rough the surface is. I have done some more research and now I know what to use for thinning this paint. I will try that for next season. I doubt you really have to repaint each se
  13. Finally hit water today. /Martin
  14. All about the boat here: https://www.reflectometrist.eu/ /Martin
  15. Yes, I intend to keep you posted. Yes, short mohair roller. I was coached on the procedure by a recently retired Hempel employee who my old boat building buddy knows through his job as a marine engineer. Disclaimer: my coach admitted that he had no first-hand experience of applying Hempaspeed TF, I will try to quantify and document the 'smoothness' before launching. /Martin
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