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  1. I have a 60C (bought in 2004 if memory serves) but can't help you as it still works and is used. /Martin
  2. I have done it yearly for about two decades with no ill effect. I use mesh 'bags' to avoid major tangles and I do not wash anything with metal hardware. Bare Dyneema is also kept out of this. 40 C program. Normal detergent. /Martin
  3. Temperatures look nice enough though. I think we peaked 14 C today. In the sun, that is. I did some adventurous boat painting with 2-part stuff after the last squall. /Martin
  4. I do remember attending the local boat show but not when it was. The most interesting part was the corner where they showed cartoons for kids. Antipodean boat shows seems to be marginally better at best. Some years earlier I did go to the London Boat Show. That was interesting because my friend who brought me there knows everyone in sailing through his work. His father filmed the first round the world race and was ships mate with Peter Blake. /Martin
  5. I have not heard about this dude before and I don't intend to watch his self chronicled antics. There is simply too much of that out there. Not a Kiwi view but something a Canadian who had lived for decades in the Caribbean once wrote in a forum when people complained about being 'ripped off' by locals when sailing there. From the top of my head so not verbatim: The mere fact that you have time off, time to go sailing for pleasure, makes you a walking wallet in their eyes. /Martin
  6. Inspired by ChatGPT's eloquent lack of information I just had to try out a much, much older chat bot called Racter. Here are a few lines of our conversation: Racter: "Hello, I'm Racter. Are you Martin?" Me: "What do you know about the silor that was rescued during cyclone Gabrielle in New Zealand?" Racter: "I may call you Silor, then?" Me: "Well, yes" Racter: "Hello Silor. I believe you're interviewing me. Are you continuing Martin's interview?" Me: "yes" Racter: "Well, Silor, Martin and I were talking about depression last time. Martin had just asked me whet
  7. Thanks even though our weather is quite benign. I took a quick peek. Very, very much 1960s Sandefjord, by the way, is a Norwegian city. /Martin
  8. That was what we used in our fresh water tank when I did my military service in the Swedish navy 40 years ago. I don't remember the dosage but we always added some when filling water tanks. Hydrogen peroxide was also part of the fuel for some torpedo models but that is another story. /Martin
  9. Not arguing against that. I just wanted to highlight that clutch performance depends on the line. More than I thought a few years ago. /Martin
  10. Clutch holding depends a lot on the line. /Martin
  11. Seems low to me. Anyway, halyards are about low stretch not breaking strength. /Martin
  12. Sorry for being so brief. I was about to leave for work. That climbing HW mostly made from high strength aluminum alloys. A friend of mine owns a Tornado. He is also a climber so knows about this type of gear. He noticed the excellent strength to weight ratio and thought "Why not use this on my boat?" He checked with his brother-in-law who is a pro climber and importer of climbing gear to Sweden. Brother-in-law said "Bad idea". Corrosion kills these alloys in no time and then they crumble under load. Swimming with that gear is probably OK if you rinse it afterwards but storing it in
  13. Keep in mind that those things are not corrosion resistant. /Martin
  14. I use a bowline knot for my jib halyard since 2+ decades. For spi I want something with a swivel so not knotted. If I ever convert my main halyard to 2:1 it will be knotted to the mast top. /Martin
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