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  1. From Arcona's web on the 460 model: It follows, it seems, that not even the highest CE Category ask for watertight bulkheads. /Martin
  2. Behind the scenes: https://spectrum.ieee.org/unicorn-startup /Martin
  3. But also one of the most pleasing ways to go somewhere. Btw, it is not uncommon for me to out-pace sailboats motoring -- even to windward. /Martin
  4. This is supposed to be a sailing forum and all you discuss is motors of various types... /Martin
  5. Replace rather than repair. This may be of interest: https://www.reflectometrist.eu/doc/Blockfriction.pdf My 2 cents... /Martin
  6. This video should be of interest: There is no mentioning of its creator Collin Forbes who filmed it while crewing on Burton Cutter. His copyright was not respected when Volvo (I think) uploaded this video version on youtube. /Martin
  7. This one is properly neat. /Martin
  8. What did the Finns have to put in a sealed bag? /Martin
  9. Boy, am I glad I only have 5 hp outboard engine. /Martin
  10. Easy Composites have produced some good how-to videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/easycompositestv /Martin
  11. Me on dagger board strength: https://www.reflectometrist.eu/doc/Boardstrength.pdf Dagger board design overview: https://www.reflectometrist.eu/pages/daggers/index.html /Martin
  12. MartinRF


    Very cool! We have sleet here as a warm front moved in. Not cool at all. /Martin
  13. Never owned a TV. /Martin
  14. Record breaking? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_storm_of_1703 Daniel Defoe's compilation of the damage is fascinating stuff. /Martin
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