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Who designed my stripper d'ya think?

John B

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Some of you guys might be interested to see that the stripper went sailing again.

It did great duty over christmas as the boats tender and just came away for easter where we entertained a few anchored yachts by sailing it around the bay at hautapu in oooo 4 gusting 7.


it went pretty well under the little sabots rig.


[someone] left the Delta rig at home but fortunately we were able to borrow the young 2.8 rig off our mates boat so we could set up the ketch rig.

with a couple of 14 yr olds aboard she was a bit of a rocketship




with the dads.. not quite so much.



but I can you it was hell of a lot of fun. :D

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Not interesting? no rude or witty remarks to make about sail trim and fat old buggers doing things they shouldn't... where's the friday humour gone.....?


We did have a few remarks on the day at one dangerous high side moment in a sudden( for us)lull. One was along the lines of 'it seems to go better with the boys sailing it'.

Tony replied that was because we only had one ab to share between us.

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