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Whot the? are the hard to see pole thingys


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Don't suppose Fish got a GPS or has a firmer position than I have. Mr Fish, what have you?

I don't have a waypoint for them, and my GPS track doesn't last long enough to be of use. I can work out a rough location later tonight from the my transits though. Its just inside a direct line from the river and North Head, not sure exactly how far along though.


I am aware of that Notice to Mariners of an exclusion area marked by yellow bouys, its fairly old and for some time (6 months plus) I have been looking for markers. The only ones I have seen are 20l water barrels or smaller dodgy home made markers which where basically milk bottles on string.


I've managed a job off Orewa Beach involving a Notice to Mariners and markers, I know what is required and acceptable. 20l white plastic barrels are not. The things we are talking about looks more like a fence line of grey PVC pipes, some floating dead upright, some falling over, good camo colour. The harbour master may well miss them if they're not right on top of them.


KM I'm more than happy to vouch to any official you were not boozed beyond belief and the things actually exist.

Well maybe I can vouch the things exist :lol: :lol:

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I do appreciate the vote of confidence in my semi-sobriety Mr Fish :)


If there were yellow markers they were bloody well hidden as I told the MAROPS team. I spoke to them today but they were flat stick hard out waiting another hour for the start of the next LV round :?


So I suggested they could pretend to be public servants for a few moments and go frecking up the Bays to look for the frecking objects so they knew what was going to be sink frecking boats if they weren't careful. They muttered more rude words about my ancestors and said they were going to suss.


I did mention that if they ran into them and sunk they would hear my laughing in the back blocks of China. Again my ancestry was questioned :lol:


Maybe tomorrow we may know more.


I am surprised more people haven't seen them but as they are so well disguised I'm bloody sure a pile have gone clean over them and knot even noticed. But at least we know both me and Mr Fish do keep a lookout to some degree. Aren't we good lads :thumbup:

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those big yellow markers are no longer in place and two of them yellow flashing solar lights maybe marking my driveway but I don't know how they may have got there ok,,,,,,, :mrgreen: :oops:

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its amazing how much sh*t will come inland on them King tides

and its mostly the fire station not the pub as its cheaper just like me

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So me and Fish are knot knuts, they do exist according to the ARC who went for a look. What's more there isn't only 12-20 of them, there is 1.3 nautical miles of them, they run all the way into Mairangi Bay beach and are spaced at 15mts so there is more like 100's.


There appearance out there and in a camo coloured nature did surprised the Harbourmaster's office who has now asked that they be clearly marked so boats don't hit them due to their camouflaged nature.


They mark the trench for the pooh pipe. As they backfill the trench they pull them out so they know where they got too.


They won't be there for much longer, a week or 2, but in the meantime if you are travelling up or down the Bays keep an eye out for them, they suddenly appear right in front of you at very close range. I went between 2 and hooked nothing but watch out all the same.


Knot sure what marking will be done but it they weren't smart enough to realise building a 1.3nm fence across a busy bit of water and leaving it un-marked was OK, what they do now maybe minimal at best.

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What a bunch of incompetent idiots.


I feel a formal complaint coming on............


Ref the above NTM, states "Marine work etc will continue UNTIL 30th September 2009


Today's date is the 12th March 2010. If they can't even update a simple one page NTM, what are the chances they have any other detail correct, such as yellow bouys lit with lights visible 1nm, and two vessels STANDING BY AND LISTENING on VHF :eh: :eh: :eh:


faaarrrrkkkkk offf, if that ever actually happend last winter I sure as hell didn't see it :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:


Where's a phone number?

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