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N2K GPS - Garmin 24XD vs. B&G ZG100

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Trying to figure why the garmin is C. 50% more than the B&G unit? Is L5 GPS worth the extra?

Both are 10hz update and 3deg accuracy on the compass.


Context - looking to use as heading sensor and SoG on 8.5 multihull

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If you want the higher accuracy SOG and COG get the L5.

The accuracy that the L5 and L1 provide together can approach sub-centimetre. Although it's not clear from the specs if Garmin are leveraging this.  But L5 on its own will provide sub-meter accuracy which is significantly better than L1/L2 receivers anyway. Last time I looked the L5 constellation wasn't complete and was still broadcasting as unhealthy, but it's the next generation signal and it will become the norm. Apple and Sumsung have supported it for a decade... 

If you just want to know where you are then L1/L2 is more than sufficient for a boaters needs.  

Carefully consider where you mount it if you are intending to feed SOG/COG into your wind triangle computer.

A 15m I race on has the antenna mounted on the transom and angular momentum of the stern results in some flawed calculations during sweeping/big turns. The best place is closest to the the centre of turn which on a fin keel is over the keel. 

The magnetic heading compass is probably using the identical chip in both units.  All the units on the market at this price point seem to have the same accuracy. It's not till you start looking at FOG or GNSS heading sensors that the accuracy increases and so does the price.


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