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The fight over Takapuna Beach continues


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Camp grounds are no longer camp grounds most have turned into trailer (trash) parks.


Open reserve all the way. I wish that all development was pushed, way back and we have natural beaches for all not just the few that are rich. Quite like Tawharanui style reserve with just a few small tent sites dotted and hidden in bush. 


Trees and shrubs are needed on the coast to hold back erosion and save our wildlife. Cars can be parked way back and all these fatties can get out of their cars and walk to the beach.

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A few $10,000's for bullshit smoke and mirrors is nothing in the big scheme B.

If they get their way they will be taking many many $millons worth of public assets and income.

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I keep getting emails from YNZ saying vote for option 3 - the YNZ only option. 


No Fn way will I support something like that. I know when I was campaigning Fireballs in Europe that unless there was good camping nearby, the fleets would be pretty small. 


The majority of competitors would camp - after all, getting to big regatta's ain't cheap, and most people attending are still amateurs, albeit with some small sponsorship to help with costs. Does anyone know how many of the Sail Auckland regatta entrants camp?


Oh, and I've stayed at the taka ground several times, even just overnight, because the view is better in the morning than my next-door neighbour's house!


I even stayed there for the 1987 Starling nationals. 


I'm not anti YNZ having their sailing centre or whatever it's going to be called, but I feel that for the benefit of the rest of society, the camping ground should stay.

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Guest Ketchup

Come on sailors who oppose this (which is most of the people in this 22 page thread)


Start posting questions "at" YNZ in the YNZ forum.


Start targeting the sports mimistern to change the funding requirements

For YNZ's sports NZ and High Performance Sport NZ income.


Thuis is a blatant waste of money/income/SNZ/HPSNZ funding that is targetted at a few elite sailors while the sport, as a whole, needs major attention.


This is "empire building" and extravagance of the highest order.


There are more important issues for YNZ to address.


Write to the sports minister here...j.coleman@ministers.govt.nz


Write to Alex Baumann,@ High Performance Sports NZ! And express your concerns about their myopic funding of just one sector of your sport....the minority elite!




Come on guys! You posted some fantastic stuff here and have shown some real passion to make a change and make YNZ accountable to the sport and not just individuals and empire building.


This takapuna Centre is not going to grow or fix NZ sailing. It will, nowever drain funding into infrastructure and management rent / rates...at the cost of Your/OUR SPORT,


Make a stand guys!


I And other have and the minister has his eyes and ears wide open....

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