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Solar Energy Systems

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Pierre of AA Solar at Silverdale will tell us all about solar energy systems at Cruising and Navigation Assn meeting next Monday evening 10 June at 7:30pm at Richmond Yacht Club on the Westhaven Breakwater.


We invite all interested boaties - admission free. The bar will be open.


More info: http://cananz.org.nz/html/meetings.htm

Or phone Basil 021 867 367

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A bit disappointed in this. I rocked along eager to learn about solar panels and charging systems but the guest speaker hadn't turned up after an hour and a half so we wandered off. Pity ..... Had the makings of a very informative evening.

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Don't worry about it Pink Caddy, it's not a big deal, I was just really looking forward to hearing a good overview on solar charging systems and having the opportunity to ask questions and hear some lively discussion on the subject.


Just a bit of a pity really.

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Agree a pity, however it was the catalyst for Clare & I (Corran) to at last turn up to a CANANZ meeting.

The people we met seemed a like minded bunch & friendly.

I am now a member and look forward to being so.

P.S. I have had only good experiences in dealing with Pierre from AA Solar & believe there will be a plausible reason for the 'no show'

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