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    Looking for Cherubs

    The top shot is one of those TM ones. The bottom shot is the one shown being built in this thread. One does wonder how heavy the top one will be when you consider the one in the bottom photo is above minimum weight and doesn't have all the extra lumber the top one has. Very differing bows and rockers as well. Should be interesting to see the 2 theories line up against each other.
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  2. Yes you are right Bad Kitty, the Beneteau 50 we brought down from France was always planned to be sold pretty quickly after returning to NZ. I would have loved to do a season or 2 cruising NZ in that boat but funds were running a bit slim after no income for almost 2 years and lots of outgoing spending... The boat was brought for a purpose and really was the perfect boat for what we did. We would love another euro production boat but what we wanted was out of the budget in NZ and buying overseas right now was not going to be easy. Maybe one day we will look at buying a smaller (40ft) prod
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