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  1. What's the best product for restoring dirty and moldy tubes? There are a few options on the market...
  2. Hi all, The Frostbite dinghy fleet is experiencing a bit of a revival down at Taikata sailing club, however we're somewhat hamstrung by the availability of good secondhand boats. There were plenty of fibreglass Frosties built back in the 80' and 90's, but many are now tucked away under peoples houses and no longer being sailed. If you know of someone who has a good glass frostbite hull and who is not actively sailing, please have them contact either myself or the Taikata Sailing club and we can make you an offer, or even better, have them bring their boat down to Taikata and join the
  3. The best thing about this setup is that they swing in an arc! Just kidding......... I dropped one side of each seat down a touch to compensate.
  4. It's a good use for an otherwise redundant piece of hardware! There must be more kicking around from other teams....
  5. I'm not sure how much credibility you can give to Dana J's opinion these days. She's borderline rabid when it comes to ETNZ and her articles are prone to hysterical levels of hyperbole. Sure Nick Holroyd is pretty clever, and the other two are probably good grinders. Do you need grinders on a AC48? I'd be far more worried if it was Dan Bernasconi or Glen Ashby stepping outside. Both of those guys are the best of the best and they've chosen to stay. But either way, negativity towards ETNZ isn't helping the cause. Dalton can't go. It's too late for that now. So why not just support the team we'v
  6. I think Sea Shepherd do a great job. Sure they have moderated a little since the early days, but no one can argue with the direct positive effect they have on the front line marine conservation. I've had the pleasure of having been on board a few of their ships and as a whole they seem to be very professional and organised.
  7. Yeah same. The team would be better off hanging onto him. Just depends what the other offers are and how attractive the 9-5 role is for a family man. Having him on the executive committee would be interesting.
  8. I have a horrible feeling that this Barker fiasco is going to go really bad for ETNZ. Hopefully I'm wrong but I just can't see Dean hanging around after this episode. Hopefully the team will survive it, cause I've got a terrible feeling that it's going to get worse before it gets better.
  9. Obviously not everyone is motivated by money as this case proves.
  10. He was let go because he took management to task over the teams family relocation policy, or lack of it. Nothing to do with his performance or abilities as a sailor. He was guilty of having a bit too much backbone for the teams liking.
  11. Kiteroa


    The old Harken/Fosters building was a special place. Legend has it that at high tide they would get salt water puddles in the basement. Receiving your new hardware in a brown paper bag was all part of the Fosters experience also.
  12. UHMWPE fibre then if you want to fight about it
  13. There's no question that the dynex type fibre are getting better and better all the time. It's just a question of application.
  14. For me, the best way to compare a rigging product is a comparison with diameter and tested load being the constants. Stretch could be measured in mm per M at that given load. That way it’s very easy to compare a new development against the current products. To make a stretchy fibre perform better, you need to increase diameter, which in turn increases the weight and windage. Un covered fibre rigging also gets heavy when wet. So the gains start to diminish. More stretch equals a greater loss in headstay tension (more luff sag) which means the boat can’t point as high up wind. For a multi
  15. Dynex or similar side rigging is fine on a multihull, but I wouldn't go near them on a mono, especially one with spreaders and without a mast base jacking system. Sorry to be negative, but if it was the magic solution, everyone would be doing it. But they aren't because it isn't.
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