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  1. I am available to crew for Sept 2015-Nov 2016 Andrew Brainard abrainard01@gmail.com 021-246-7423 I'd love to sail most RNZYS Wednesdays, some other weekdays, and some weekends I would most like to do the Wed races as a consistent crew, and occasionally will be able to do some weekend harbour races. I’ve love to do some of the longer coastal and I’d be really keen to do some more offshore races. I’m an experienced racer. Almost all of it in keel boats. Lots of around the harbour stuff, quite a few coastal races, and a pair of PacCups (San Fran to Hawa
  2. I'm interested in crewing. I don't have any multi-hull experience, but have done quite a few cat 1, 2, and 3 races. Andy abrainard01@gmail.com
  3. This is a great thread, we have questions about sailing/cruising with even little'r kids. Our little Pukeko (Jade, 8 months) seems to be taking to sailing quite well. She sleeps as well on the hook as she does at home, and under sail, she entertains herself below, takes naps, and only occasionally needs a full person's worth of attention. I'm curious what other people's rules about life jackets are for infants. We have a nice 4-15kg life-jacket that she mostly doesn't mind wearing. We have always been using it when she is on deck off the hook, in the dingy, and plan on putting it on he
  4. Pukeko and fam are hope for a little easy multi-day cruise around Waiheke and maybe up to Kawau to inaugurate her purchase. We'll see if we liked it as much as our first cruise to and from Izzi.
  5. Thanks. We had a great time as the Newbies on Pukeko.
  6. Hello Auckland, I'm looking for a spot this winter and/or during the next summer series. I can fill most of the spots without screwing up too badly (Keyboards, Trim, Grind, Helm), but most of my experience is on the Bow or Mast (which I can still screw up pretty badly). I've been sailing for quite awhile, lots of around the buoys racing in Auckland, San Francisco, and other places. A couple coastal races (Coastal Classic x2, up and down the California coast). Ive done some offshore racing the Pacific Cup x2 (San Fran to Hawaii), and have captained a few cruising holidays in Tong
  7. Anyone have any experience with Brookhouse's http://brookhouseonline.com) iMux ST system? The idea is that the iMux would do the conversion of Sea Talk to NMEA and send the instrument data to Expedition on the Lap top at the Nav station and that same data would be available in wireless form that could be sent to an iPad or iPhone at the helm (or elsewhere). What is the current draw for the iMux ST? I am using Expedition on a PC for routing and my PC does not have a serial connection. I understand that the USB output is not available as an option on the iMux ST; is that correct?
  8. I'm looking for someone who needs crew tis Friday for the Brin Wilson race. I'm a competitive sailor with some offshore and harbor experience on keelboats. My father is also in town and is a very accomplished racer. We would love to race during this Brin Wilson. Anyone need to fill out some crew? Andrew Brainard (021) 246-7423 abrainard01@gmail.com
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