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  1. Unicorn

    This n that..

    Thank you for posting these updates about your adventures. They are a very interesting read, and have some information that will be of great value to someone heading that way.
  2. Must be a suitable first keeler Yes, very suitable - although bigger and heavier than some other options, which means more physical input than some smaller or lighter alternatives. Handle offshore conditions well - I day dream of heading offshore to the South Seas in 3 years when I know what I'm doing - Hauraki Gulf, Bay of Islands, Mercury Islands before that. Excellent offshore, very stiff and seaworthy. They can handle at least 90 knots offshore, I know that. Must still be some fun to sail - I'll probably do a bit of social racing just for the crack of it. Good fun, especially upwi
  3. I would put the idea of sailing around NZ on hold for the meantime. There are some very good reasons for this ... 1. it would be very expensive to do properly in a safe vessel 2. you do not appear to have enough knowledge or experience yet 3. there is so much better cruising to be had between Whitianga and Mangonui I would look seriously at something like the S&S 24 that is in the classifieds here. It looks like a yacht you could sail, without spending a lot of money. The others appear to be projects - not so much sailing, but plenty of work and spending. Get some experie
  4. Congratulations. You have found an excellent little yacht for your purposes. I hope you have lots of wonderful adventures with her.
  5. You should have a look at Strider. She has been there and done that, so some of the expense will already have been covered. A somewhat larger and more powerful vessel than a Tracker, so better able to carry weight and a much better proposition in a Tasman gale.
  6. Unicorn

    Sydney To Hobart

    Connection to the official Rolex site is pathetically slow, and the worldwide video does not work at all. Rolex used to be a reliable, quality, global brand, but now it appears to be rubbish.
  7. Unicorn

    paper tiger

    I do hope you did not fix the holes with concrete
  8. Unicorn

    IOR bulge

    Not correct. The primary beam measurement ( was measured at one sixth of maximum beam (BMax) below the sheerline. Tumblehome maximised the important B measurement, by making the greatest beam fall at the same place as the measurement. A bit of weight and windage could be saved by reducing the beam at deck level, which was not measured. Girths were only measured at bow and stern. They were based on half B and threequarters B. Having a larger B brought the FGS and AGS closer together, essentially meaning a shorter length (L) measurement. Girths did not affect the nominal displacem
  9. I suspect a lot more costly to run than many other 165K boats.
  10. These dudes were breaking plenty of current rules. Adding more rules will not make any difference. They were also totally lacking in common sense. Adding more rules will not change that.
  11. Exactly. Parents allowed child to run off unsupervised, on a boat, and she fell in the water. Hardly an unexpected outcome.
  12. Progress to windward is definitely much more related to sea state than to pure windspeed. Sea size is not really the issue, it is the steepness of the waves and how they are breaking that determines how much a yacht gets pushed backwards and how likely it is to get rolled. I have experience of putting the mast in the water in only 40 knots, going upwind off Stephens Island in a fairly heavy half tonner - thanks to a very large, breaking wave. Sea state is subject to lots of variables, not just windspeed. Particularly aggravating factors are wind against tide, changing wind direction (givin
  13. The suggestion of 7 knots is probably not accurate or helpful. With so many boats about and quite possibly within 200M of shore, it is likely that vessels should not have been exceeding 5 knots.
  14. Congratulations on completing the voyage successfully in difficult conditions, and having the good judgement to keep yourself out of major trouble. Hope you have a wonderful summer, cruising the Gulf.
  15. I am not sure that the arrangement at the tack of the headsail is up to the job. But then again it may just be the photos (which are most impressive for the view of the seas). It looks like the rather long strop that is in use would allow the tack to move away from the forestay as the strain comes on. Even downwind there is quite a gap evident between the tack and the forestay. Coming closer to the wind the horizontal strain will increase greatly. This will put huge pressure on the first point of connection of the sail to the headstay with a good chance of failure. It will also make it rea
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