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  1. Any other owners out there wanting to get together to share our interest in these great yachts? Used to be an association in the 1970s !
  2. Thanks ,I have got an Aries in storage I want to mount the tubes on the deck rather than bolting into the transom ,any thoughts re that?
  3. Hi ,what has been done by others to get offshore by the way of beefing up a standard production boat? ie glassing knees in the cabin sides between the main windows etc... Cheeers
  4. Thinking about just mounting this on 2 tubes straight on to the aft deck , straddling the lazerette hatch. 1. Has any one mounted one by this method rather than bending tubes and transom mounting? 2. What are thoughts on reinforcing the deck structure?
  5. Looking for a gibb turning block . Original equipment on my Cav 32. Let me know what's out there. Many thanks
  6. Have a refurb to do on exterior varnish. Any recommendations? Using goldspar on the interior work but nz conditions on exterior work are severe!
  7. Has any one setup a solent or an inner forestay on a Cav 32? Contemplating this mod as eventually we'll head offshore
  8. Still have the original lucas unit. No isolation switch or breaker fitted. What is a recommended size circuit breaker for these?
  9. How many seasons do you get from it 3?
  10. Has anyone got some feedback on using : Carboline 3000 as their antifouling?? Data supplied by the manufacturer looks good.
  11. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3443799847
  12. Hi, Just want to share some thoughts. I love restoration and repair and have just bought a 1976 Cav 32 that is original and unmolested. The Marine Stainless primus had seen better days. Rather than rip it out and install gas we rebuilt it. Parts are available in NZ through, caravancamping.co.nz And great service from these UK firms:https://fettlebox.co.uk , www.tilleylampsandstove, It's a simple task to strip clean and reassemble. Coming to grips with operation is simple and we have mastered the world's best risotto whilst at anchor. Hope
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