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  1. Another one is the Cavalier 32, with pinched stern lines, but a fin keel this time. They become completely unsteerable in following seas and broach I disagree with this. Back in 1977 I spent quite a few hours steering a Cav 32 in a southerly storm off the Wairarapa Coast, running with just a storm jib on (We were heading up from Wellington for the Auckland-Suva race). There was a lot of white water coming over the back of the boat and filling the cockpit quite regularly. The waves were often very steep and quite large. The worst of it came through during the night, so not much
  2. Must be a suitable first keeler Yes, very suitable - although bigger and heavier than some other options, which means more physical input than some smaller or lighter alternatives. Handle offshore conditions well - I day dream of heading offshore to the South Seas in 3 years when I know what I'm doing - Hauraki Gulf, Bay of Islands, Mercury Islands before that. Excellent offshore, very stiff and seaworthy. They can handle at least 90 knots offshore, I know that. Must still be some fun to sail - I'll probably do a bit of social racing just for the crack of it. Good fun, especially upwi
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