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  1. Fogg

    tsunami warning

    AA - horses for courses. I was already out so stayed out. But if I had been opn the marina I probably would have stayed in, checked my lines and my insurance and hoped for the best. On the basis that if it was going to be risky I'd rather risk my boat than myself. But admittedly it was a lovely day. The biggest risk is that people get too complacent about these warnings and say "It'll be alright" and of course it will be - right up until a bad one comes, but you never know when that will be! SD - completely agree about over-use of TRs. I only ever put one in if I'm sailing at night or
  2. Fogg

    LVPS 2010?

    Can anyone find an up-to-date website for this? I can only see last year's data on ETNZ's website, not yet update for the race which I understand is 9-21 March?
  3. Bimini and dodger were the first two things I put on AC when I bought her 5 yrs ago. She's got a a big, sociable cockpit and I often get friends over from their boats on a summer's day to enjoy a drink in the shade. A no brainer.
  4. Fogg

    tsunami warning

    PC, you really do need to get out more! Thanks though.
  5. Fogg

    tsunami warning

    KM, those modern cruise ships can hold station automatically using bow and stern thrusters running under 'autopilot', rather likr an advanced SAR chopper (e.g. Sea-king) which can hover over a spot on the ocean in a gale. The big guys that go into Milford Sound don't even attempt to anchor in that deep water but 'hover' all night on auto thrusters - I'm told they can hold station in 40kts+. Talking of the navy, I couldn't help grinning as I went past Frigate number 'F77' tied up at Devonport. I guess the other 76 frigates were out and about somewhere. Maybe they should consider renaming it
  6. Fogg

    tsunami warning

    Safely back on GH marina after waiting a few hours in Tiri area. Only unusual effect was the strong (2kts) tide flowing out of the marina when it was already dead low tide. I got a txt from my parents in the UK at midnight last night alerting me and asking if we were on alert. I called CG and they said "CD has said no threat" so that was what CG were saying. But obviously by this morning things had changed. CG actually did a great job today keeping everyone informed. It's not their fault that they went from "no threat" to "threat" - they were simply following CD's orders. Compared
  7. Fogg

    tsunami warning

    1m surge reported through Tuts marina, so something is definitely coming.
  8. Fogg

    tsunami warning

    Yeah but that means staying out til midnight.... mmmmm, think I'll wait for the initial pass then see what the updates are and try to head back into GH.
  9. taking AC out from vaidcut into deeper water..... due to hit N head at 10.22am, CG advising to go into 20m+ water depth and away from coast but how long do we need to stay out?
  10. Squid, true, but for me as and when I go cruising I'll budget to replace my sails every 4-5 years rather than every 10-15 or longer. I'll just regard it as an essential cost of being out there. If budget is tight then something else will have to give. Not rum though.
  11. Sorry, just noticed that BOOBOO had already answered the price question for a 35 ft performance cruiser - he might well have used my price quotes as his example and he supports my recollection that I paid ~$11k for a set of new North laminates. And very pleased with them I am too.
  12. I'm no expert but have very recent price experience. I think my cruising laminates cost me approx 20-25% more than the dacron option, so significant yes, but not a show-stopper. For a new main and headsail for my 35ft I had to spend a bit over $11,000 I think. In other words the laminates were not twice the price. And so wheels' comment about spending $50k on a sail because it's a laminate is rubbish in the context of a cruiser in the 35-40ft range.
  13. Just replaced 3 weavers with 3 new maxwells. Ready fit as opposed to lewmars not quite the same size. The cost of replacing glass and seals was so close to the cost of a new hatch it wasn't worth dicking around. Haven't had the weavers long enough to comment on submarine capabilites but so far so good.
  14. I just bought mylar cruising laminates. Even as a cruiser I wanted reasonable performance and figured I would rather enjoy god sail shape for 5-7 yrs then replace them when they die rather than only have 2-3 yrs of OK sail shape then another 15 yrs of grandmas knickers.
  15. I've been asking for a function to 'save favourites' to years now.....
  16. My previous headsails included a too-big #1 and a too-small #2 and lots of sagging and poor performance in a freesh breeze and when half furled. SO for my new headsail I went for half between in terms of area and with a reasonably high-cut foot, going towards a yankee, but not quite. Benefits of this (for cruising) are higher foot = better visibility under sail. But more importantly it's a better reaching sail (leech less likely to curl in and stall) and also when I start to furl it the higher sheet angle gives me more tolerance as I start to move the cars forward i.e. I can furl it furthe
  17. Fogg

    Wing mast

    Good one AA! Question - did he die in the end?
  18. Yeah that can be a suprisingly nasty little piece of water, never really worked it out, nothing remarkable about the seabed e.g. sudden shallowing. Maybe water getting trapped between the peninsula to the south and Orewa beach to the west. But can be much worse than it's counterpart S of the peninsula.
  19. Fogg

    Wing mast

    How to kill speculation and discussion in one fell swoop.
  20. Fogg

    Wing mast

    As instant as a pilot can control the lift/drag profile of an aircraft wing. And if you connected the drives for the control surfaces to inouts from true/apparent wind speed and angles, then as with an aircraft wing, you would know instantly how to change the adjustment in reponse to any given conditions - rather than trying an adjustment, looking, waiting to see impact on boat speed etc.
  21. Fogg

    Wing mast

    So come on then, you peeps who know your stuff, what would it take to put a wing mast on a 'normal' kiwi racing yacht (or even a cruiser)? How much more complex to operate it? What kind of cost? And what kind of gain? Multis only or monos too? And what about the problem of storing the thing safely when you pack up the boat and leave for the day? In other words, is this a technology that will remain firmly rooted in high-end sailing or will it eventually trickle down to mainstream use? I know that wings have been around for a longer time than this year's AC but the e
  22. Fogg

    Is this for real???

    On that basis can we please consign to the grave the expression 'winging pom' and replace it with 'winging swiss cheese'?
  23. Fogg

    What happens next?

    Someone send a link of this thread to LE....
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