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  1. The Vplp Mod 70 will be amazing to see in the race. Can be a handful though:
  2. OPEN LETTER TO : Kerikeri-Vava’u Race Committee and Yachting NZ I would ask please that you reconsider the cancellation of the Kerikeri-Vava’u Race. If the committee has actually contacted the owners of 19 yachts listed on the web site that have shown interest and the majority have declined then I agree that you would have insufficient entries. However, the Notice of Race has the entry cut of date as 7 April, two months away, so how does the committee actually know you have insufficient entries? What number of entries do you define as sufficient? I expect that many yacht owners
  3. Yep . At this stage - after a lot of work and planning - I am talking with the crew to see what they want to do. I am thinking via Minerva Reef to Vava'u.
  4. Magique had entered, only 2 had. There were 21 yachts showing interest. Were the other 19 not going or just getting around to entering? The NOR has a cut of for entry of 7 April. So maybe all 21 were going to enter? Why is the race being cancelled two months before the entrance cut off date and the reason given as insufficient entrants? PS we are still going to sail to Tonga start of May.
  5. See http://www.kerikericruisingclub.org.nz/vavau.html The other course dates from Boating Eduction http://www.boatingeducation.org.nz/contact/
  6. Dr Dave Austin (he writes the Cat 1 med kit requirements) course at the Squadron on 22 April. This is a very good, hands on and practical course, you even get to staple and inject a chicken (from the supermarket). The course will cover: Sea Sickness Minor wounds Major Trauma Major wounds and closure techniques Fractures and dislocations Burns Infection – skin, systemic Antibiotics Intramuscular injections Other course dates: Advanced Sea Survival – 1st &2nd April, 29th & 30th April Coastal Medic – 11th & 12th February, 25th & 26th March Offshore Me
  7. Notice of Race: http://www.kerikericruisingclub.org.nz/images/kcc/vavau/Kerikeri-to-Vava'u-NOR.pdf
  8. Preliminary NOR attached Vava'u-Preliminary-NOR.pdf
  9. Yep, 65nm south of Vava'u, sure looks like a cool place to visit on the way back after the race, albeit Vava'u is spectacular.
  10. And coming up fast : http://www.kerikericruisingclub.org.nz/vav-au-race.html
  11. Just now watching Team Emirates NZ tacking on the foils. Cool to watch. We have a bit more work to do with Magique's yet....
  12. Great, thank you. Presumably many of the competitors will not frequent crew.org.nz so could these handicaps please be posted on coastal classic.co.nz?
  13. May we please see the handicaps? If it is too hard through TopYacht then just create a PDF file from a spreadsheet and place a link so we can view or download, maybe?
  14. During the race will we see real times for the yachts checking in at Flat Rock, Sail, Rock, Cape Brett as in previous years? Thanks.
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