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  1. I might take the Thundercat out, and if you guys turn on the weather ill even take some pics of you all. if its raining or windy and rough no pics as i don't have a fancy housing for the dslr. Just make it the same as today please.
  2. Xntrix

    New dinghy

    Takacat sports t260s. Awesome little soft floor inflatable. Best tender I've ever owned or even been in in the size bracket. Don't go for the lite model for a tender as they tow funny. Rated to 8hp but go really well with a 15. Apparently.
  3. Dancing girls, bugger i knew id forgotten something. Maybe we can rustle up a couple of Tutukaka Bargoyles. (see urban dictionary)
  4. Does anyone fancy a little race back to tutukaka on the Sunday. The rules will be quite relaxed, no motoring (unless you are late , too slow, charging, want to win, no wind etc) and the handicap system will reflect, nothing actually, more likely any prizes (max $40) will be offered to the boat with the biggest fish, loudest stereo, most beanbags etc. the prizes will include but not be limited to: a prawn costume, a cowboy hat, a bottle of rum etc. it will not be a race, more like a cruise in company ( less rules ). We will supply warehouse dinner (sausages in bread) at tutukaka marina if anyo
  5. My old man does this race every year and raves about it. Always comes back with stories.
  6. We def need more entry's as we need more boats to beat. No point winning the one ton cup, only to have to tell people there were only 6 other boats racing. Seriously, it will be an awesome event and a good chance to prove the performance of these cool old yachts. From our experience there is a heap of great sailors that would love to do this regatta so crew shouldn't be a problem, and because of the coverage and placement in the viaduct with the VO65s you should to be able to get a sponsor for the entry at least.
  7. Funny thing about this, i once raced with a fella, and had known him and raced with him for a couple of years, when he started acting quite differently and got quite upset with our "boys banter and piss taking". He gave up racing and sold his yacht and it was a while later we found our he was on hormones undergoing a gender change type deal and is now a woman. I wish we had known at the time as we could have toned things down a little and acted as if there was a girl on board, and maybe he would have stayed racing. None of us cared at all about the gender but we all felt a bit stink when we fo
  8. There is an iPhone app called "drag queen". Saved our arse.
  9. How many boats with wings have confirmed so far?
  10. Hi IT, would it be possible to mount one of the smaller screens on the mast in a tough surround then use it to duplicate the screen of the iPhone which would display the NKE display app. This would get its info from a wifi multiplexer like a DMK unit. You could also send the info to tablet. It could display all the racing info needed at a fraction of the cost of mast displays. Also worth a look is a Nautipad touch screen E ink display from Wemar which i have some prices for if youre interested.
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