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  1. Drinks Trolley rudder issues, Kick standing by if needed.
  2. Looks like Kick has had a rendezvous with Drinks Trolley, hope they are all ok
  3. Battleship

    Midnight 21

    No it was fiberglass. Perhaps one of the custom builds referred to in the article. Was a good little boat would plane downwind if there was enough wind.
  4. I added cockpit drains through the transom on my Cav 36. It was only to meet the drainage surface area rule for Category so I also kept the existing ones. The 36 has the same setup with the exit though the floor to the hull exiting under water. Never heard of an issue.
  5. Battleship

    Midnight 21

    I owned one years ago it was a swinging centre board with a winch to raise and lower in the cockpit.
  6. YNZ have made allowance for a self inspection this year. https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/news/safety-certificate-exemptions-coastal-classic?fbclid=IwAR0zcC5LYhKXtnODYKpKwQ6Yzeg0kApCWn84-a6Iiz_ZapRDIR2p0WSyVGk
  7. Two of the three Italians in my Garage.
  8. https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/resources/ynz-safety-inspectors-list
  9. Very sad, the local sailing community will be in mourning. https://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/223700-tauranga-sailor-dies-yachting-incident.html
  10. Cazzette the JP54 was designed and built in Tauranga for John-Pierre Dick a french ocean racer. Website here https://www.jpdick-yachts.com/ As for the comfort of cats, I did a delivery of a 50 foot cruising cat to Vanuatu a few months ago and was shocked at how uncomfortable it was in a seaway. I have sailed on smaller monohulls all my life and thought that it would be more comfortable and faster than a 35 foot racing mono. This was simply not the case. So much leeway in waves that what should have been cracked sheets was on the wind. Not impressed. Any half decent 50 foot keelboat would
  11. Got our entry done, 34 boats on the entry list now. Wow!
  12. I know a fisherman in Napier maybe I could ask?
  13. Looking similar to 2011 with 40 entries. Hope the weather is better. Is it to early to say that?
  14. Truxton is on the waiting list, got sidetracked with work then had an oh sh*t moment when I saw it was fully subscribed.
  15. Also called a jockey pole or reaching strut, popular in the IOR days.
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