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  1. Sold. Fast Ross boat going South. They will have heaps of fun.
  2. BNG


    Talk to Grant at Ropes chains and anchors aka Knot Me on here. He did mine and the rings he uses are less expensive than the Antal ones. I already had in-haulers so the set up works well. Or just buy Bump N Grind and its all done for you. http://crew.org.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=25022
  3. This is hardly the dark side Wheels, more a piece of NZ Maritime history - 1928 Colin Wild Bridgedecker. As I'm on the end of one of the piers i was bloody nervous as the barge slipped past with meters to spare. She would have been matchsticks. Enough room on the foredeck for a nice sailing dinghy when I find one and plenty of mates with keelers means I'll still be sailing.
  4. Yes, that big barge they had excavating for the new walkway took out a few poles on its way up the fairway a few months back. They had stuff all clearance (meters) as the fairway tapers as you go up.
  5. Cool little big boat that goes like the clappers but is happy cruising with the family. Asking 32.5k but fairly negotiable on that number. Trademe listing here - http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=793020933 Specs as follows.. • Bakewell-White designed bulb keel (535kg bulb @ 2.2m) and carbon keel floor structure • Bakewell-White designed rudder • Carbon fibre prod tube and rod bobstay extending the J measurement to 3.4m with retracting 1.25m carbon prod within • 2012 Matrix PR6 section swept spreader rig • Custom boom extending main foot dimension to 4.5m • 10hp
  6. BNG

    Lug rig

    A bit of a reference to it here http://www.storerboatplans.com/wp/design/rig/sails/making-balance-lugs-faster-2013-setting-up-sails-spars-and-rigging/ Possibly adaptable for roller furling. Need a couple of sheaves on the boom to allow the Bleater to rotate round the boom but not slide. New word for the day "Bleater", sounds more like something from the boats are impossible to sell thread from a wee while ago.
  7. BNG

    Lug rig

    Probably doesnt control twist which is why Darwins theory took over and we moved to other rig configs ?
  8. BNG

    Nanni Diesels

    The Kubota range of engines are damn near indestructible. We had 3 of them on 4WD vineyard tractors, hydrostatic drive and a steep contour meant they were running at near full throttle most of the time running mulchers etc on the steep Hawkes Bay hill country. Basically thrashing them, half the year in 30 deg C + and lots of dust. They were serviced regularly. Last time I saw them 2 were over 15,000hrs and one was close to 30,000 hrs and still doing the business. Really impressive.
  9. OC, do you even own a yacht? Answer that honestly.
  10. So in the end it worked like a $1 reserve item then, boosting up to what you wanted. I'm probably wired up a bit different and need a little more certainty on a circa 30k item. It worked for you tho.
  11. Altho KM - I do appreciate your 'stockturn' analogy. That works.
  12. I'm the same - pragmatic vendor however stating up front that you will keep dropping the price just encourages people to wait, especially in the market that is described at length in this thread. So yeah, why hurry to make an offer on that, will be cheaper next month? Even though its probably a well present boat of good design, not too big for marinas and a great entry level cruiser for a family. It could be quite a self defeating way to sell. Deflationary. I'm selling BNG sometime, but I wont list it til spring and I'm comfortable with that. Why? cos it might sit around for 6 months in wi
  13. Been in the mountains for 5 days. Great to see you guys still perpetuating the chatter around desperate vendors and that stuff.co.nz have picked up on it and given it a nudge in the mainstream media. That's awesome for the industry, owners etc... Now the pox is back in the media too, great, lets really put some fear into the uninformed market. You only need one purchaser to buy your boat, just one. So how many potential purchasers has this doom and gloom thread reached now? As for the statement in one of the classifieds re keeping dropping the price til it sells......that has
  14. Fair enough, Navionics doesn't have a night mode which is part of the problem...
  15. And take whatever tablet into a dark room and dim it right down prior to purchase, iPads are next to useless at night as they dont dim down enough and take out your vision every time you look at them.
  16. BP knows how many lurkers there are on here. Buying a new boat, need to do research, I'll go to the library... oh no, theres the internet, oh and its searchable well bugger me. Sow1d your naive if you think others dont read this stuff and thats very evident by by our posts in the Awatere thread. Clearly you have inside knowledge either as a contractor or employee. Frankly its talking out of turn as either and would be grounds for a serious misconduct case or termination of a contract. Plenty of people get caught out like that thinking nobody but the posters involved read it. I
  17. Negative sentiment in mass media doesn't help. This is not a closed forum, it's new Zealand's most popular sailing forum. I won't tell you how to run a lathe...media and PR are my business and one of the tactics my clients use is forum activity as a part of their media mix, because it works. And I don't mean muppets posting blatant ads. They build identies and begin sensible conversations, because it works... In skewing popular opinion. Just turn an extra couple of thou of that shaft will ya? It won't make any difference, it's only a few thou....can't make any difference, can it?
  18. Exactly BooBoo, and I agree there will some carnage in the market but not undeserved, there is a lot of massively overpriced crap on the market. I guess I'm seeing two brand new to boating boat owners on G Pier in the last few months and the marine trades fairly upbeat at a time of year its usually pretty grim. Those two would have collectively spent 400k+ on AWBs in the last few months. Thats on one pier. Just as an exercise perhaps Island time could quantify of the 41,000 + page views of this thread the number of veiws and count of lurkers other than regular posters in this thread to
  19. I disagree and all this negative sentiment wont help, this thread will index well with the search engines and even if only 100 people read it as a result of a search thats 100 people dead set on going and kicking someones head in for a bargain, or that's their expectation. This is just another form of media but far more readily available and searchable (ongoing ad infinitum until the server craps out) to those with similar search criteria. Based on the assumption that you make that "most people will be well aware of the market" then they will also be aware that many brokers are full of it
  20. You guys have done a fantastic job of talking the AWB market down as this thread will surely index highly on the search engines and prospective buyer that cant form their own opinion will absorb this. Excellent. Good boats still sell, crappers don't. The proportion of crappers has increased as the fleet ages and people play xbox instead of gaining the skills to maintain them themselves cost effectively/sail them. Regulation round grids,hardstands etc. Moorings/Marinas hasnt helped AWB's are disposable and like the classic fleet its only those with great pedigree and build quality
  21. BNG

    Westhaven Divers

    The point about unplugging shore power before diving in the marina is a good one, easy enough and disconnects one of the potential problems.
  22. BNG


    Do you have any in stock? We should all get one.
  23. I assume the 2014 offer of 300k is from Chris Dickson and Co? If so and depending on the parcel size and title is seems like a hell of a land grab. Assuming thats the whole shooting match, land, buildings wharf etc. I would expect there are some impending resource management issues around fuel tankage and sewerage/water which might cost a bit to sort and could be hard to budget so maybe that's reflected in the price. If indeed 300k is the number.
  24. BNG

    ANZ Sail Fiji

    Must be a Proa then... (ducks for cover)
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