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  1. Does anyone out there have a Deck Saloon yacht they might want sell? The wife and I had looked at an older Jenneau 43Deck Saloon - we came very close to purchasing, but regretfully thought better of it. After a summer on our current boat we kinda regret being so sensible. So does any one know of any deck saloon boats out there - I understand there is 3 Jenneau 43DS in Gulf Harbour. We would also consider similar boats, Bavaria Vision for example. Many thanks!
  2. Wanted - a cheap Open BIC. Hi all. My kids are really hooked on these things so I’m looking for a cheaper one. Won’t be raced so a rougher one, or something needing work is fine. Let me know if there’s anything out there. Thanks
  3. She’s a Ross 490, with some mods.. prod, small bulb on the centre board (hence the extra high axle clearance).
  4. This weekend.... custom beach trolley for the “Footprint” - made with three and a half recycled windsurfer masts. Will ultimately have some very big squishy wheels attached for dragging up the beach.
  5. No worries! Our media officer/bow monkey/beer opener is stoked to see his vid out there. I’ve submitted a ‘friend’ request to the FB page, hopefully when that’s accepted I can put it up. Or if I can get a email of an admin, I can send it directly?
  6. Hi DP, I’m the bow monkeys dad, I’ll get your details from 44, we’ve got some good footage of you guys, unedited. It’s always weird, but cool to see your own boat sailing! I’ll send it to you.
  7. Again an old topic, but here are some photos of my Ross 490 during restoration and first sail. Keen to hear from any other 490 owners!
  8. So this is my project, a Ross 490 that originally had a rotten floor. Most of the re-build was done late 2019, the wrap and prod is my ‘Covid Project’ - currently only have 200ml of epoxy left!
  9. Paper Tiger for sale, Professionally made in fibreglass, heaps of spares. No WOF/Reg but on a good trailer. Cheaper as could do with a new coat of paint. Located in Whangarei https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2242671366
  10. Hi Andrew, I know this is an old topic, but I have just bought a Ross 490, sail number 11. The floor has rotted out, and the jibs are a bit average, but other than that it is in pretty good nick. I am currently working on replacing the floor to get it in the water. I know you are at the other end of the country but I'd love to see any photos of your boat (assuming you still have it), especially around how the sail controls are setup etc as mine came 'with some assembly required'. Any help, comments or general moral support is appreciated! Thanks, Scott
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